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Penning poetry , pinning points!


Your life is the sole proof of your inner strength. And that’s because it is the only thing that you HOLD ON, till you die!


Hello. Ayushi here. And this is my WRITE LAND. It is just an excerpt of my life.. my thoughts and my mood.

A journey..on my path of emotions.

It is just a place where I SAY IT ALL! So there’s a lot said and told. Now take up a coffee, put on your glasses, play the music and enjoy being a reader>>


  • A Girl Who Cannot Answer!
    Recently she came across a strange question, a question which she couldn’t answer, a question that she couldn’t stand, a […]
  • Bye Dear…
    THE  LAST  BYE! Just when you begin to understand a bit, it leaves, School life, was always passing through the […]
  • So that.
    Not an excuse..but an emotion!
  • I have you❤️
    I dont know how to sum up all,within this small and short poetry wall. Time for our friendship is not […]
  • A day..
    Everyday is your day…good or bad …but it is yours!! Had it not been your day , you wouldn’t have […]
  • Finding for real…
    When you try to find things at a wrong place, you can never find the right!! See for yourself what […]
  • Bad memories…here is a recipe for them!!
    People say forget the bad memories…but I think they too are memories which should also be relished and chreished!! It […]
  • What feeling happy actually is!!
    Today I felt things in a different I thought to share what all happens when you…ARE HAPPY! Feeling really […]
  • FEW WORDS!!#5
    Bitter truth:/ You can never look up to someone…who looks down upon you!! Others from FEW WORDS series […]
  • FEW WORDS!!#4
    To show respect …. just love heartily and believe. Movies , songs and pictures might be fake. Other from few […]
  • FEW WORDS!!#3
    Sometimes you have to be happy just because you dont want to be sad !! Others from few words series […]
  • FEW WORDS!!#2
    Sometimes you have it and still wait your whole life! Sometimes it goes while you wait ! So always know […]
  • FEW WORDS!!#1
    Not all people are born to run after the ” SOCIAL NOTIONS”!. They do it their own way….not following but […]
  • An important word!!
    Hi all….today I will introduce many of you to a word that you might not be knowing and thus creating […]
  • What else has COVID brought to us??
    The whole world is aware of the the things given to us by covid…cold, cough, fever, restrictions , panic and […]
    Said something , heard something, said good , heard bad, a lot of misunderstandings stacked, for years no talk we […]
    Does anyone have the power,  to define who they are??  Will it always remain the same;  or you will have […]
  • I dont know what!.
    Sometimes during the happiest moments of your life brutal realizations hit which can leave you devastated. While sometimes when you […]
  • yes!..
    When things are not in your hands.. when you don’t have a choice.. its better to simply do, what you […]
    If you guyss have been reading my posts…you must be familiar with my believe in accepting the situatuons…the problems…and everything […]
  • learn to..
    Learn to accept things… because denying them , won’t change the fact!
  • easier..
    It becomes easier to bear the HARDSHIPS… if you have lovely friends and their FRIENDSHIPS!!! ♡♡
  • Peace@)
    When you cannot see peace coming Simply start moving towards peace!! It means when its hard to find the calm…them […]
  • For u my sleepless friend//
    Searching for the sleep during sleepless nights…in the dark sleepy lanes??…. This is not the way out my dear!! Instead […]
  • A little reminder
  • A little appreciation!
    In some situations just surviving through it is a victory itself!! Feel proud to pass…no medals and certificates are required […]
  • Leave it then!!
    My dear I know you are aboard something! Let me guess…?! Isnt it a train of thoughts that is not […]
  • Where to find?!
    Now lets talk what actually is happiness? Is it travelling in flights , in class business? Owning a big bunglow […]
  • The trend of “ME TIME”
    “Its my me time…I am focussing on myself, taking care of myself!” This sentence has become quite common these days. […]
  • I believe in…
    If you people have read my earlier posts , you must be aware of my believe in having a little […]