Bad memories…here is a recipe for them!!

People say forget the bad memories…but I think they too are memories which should also be relished and chreished!!

It is all about how do you remember them and conclude about it . Dont consider it a pain story…no matter how painful it was!!

For example if it was a fight with someone…or you were being hurt by someone …remember it as how immature you were to choose them and how immature were lose you!!And with a smile hope that you must have grown and a little more mature now!!

If the story is about the worst period of your life..the struggles..the problems…then cherish it as a win war story…because bravo my survived it ! lol…This story will always remind you of your strength…provided you dont associate the bad luck tag with it!

Good memories are good…but the bad ones….they can definately be a source of smile and realization of your growth in the past years!!…

And now you know that there are no bad just how you remember them!Just like picture of the same thing, clicked from two different angles!😉❤


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