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What else has COVID brought to us??

The whole world is aware of the the things given to us by covid…cold, cough, fever, restrictions , panic and death!!

But my has given us a lot more..which is under the shadow…🖤🖤

FRONTLINE WORKERS…who constantly fought with their own lives for the sake of ours….We finally got a reason to be grateful to such great noble heroes…who are not featured in movies and shows!!!✴✴

And now the rest …who are sitting here..if you havent had corona ….be thankful for that..and if you had then be thankful for being still here to able to be thankful!!💙💙

Many hard realizations struck during this period…we realized how was our life running ahead of us…but when we took a pause ..the life also stood for us…the family time or me time…or whatever time…it could have been the darkest time of your life…fighting in isolations…but still it must have taught you something!! And if you were a fool to learn nothing…still it taught you to follow the rules!!👩‍🏫👩‍🏫

When last year..the whole world sat and prayed..we were united as we were praying for corona to vanish from the earth..and this way we all prayed for the good of all!🙏🙏

It must have been a long time …since people discovered their hobbies..and took time for feeling happy and not for looking happy!!🤡🤡

Sometimes an abrupt break might end up being a peaceful hiatus.🌻🌻

Sorry for all your losses , but nothing in this world is absolutely bad. Try to find the silver lining which went unnoticed.😌😌

For me , the lockdown changed my life. I realized what I was going to do might haved landed me in the gravest situation. Although presently fighting for it, is a task in itself. But still no pains , no gains. 🍁🍁


2 responses to “What else has COVID brought to us??”

  1. Very well said dear. No pain no gain!! 👏👏👏

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