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What feeling happy actually is!!

Today I felt things in a different I thought to share what all happens when you…ARE HAPPY!

Feeling really happy doesnt include posting pictures saying “good vibes ” or ” feeling happy “!!

When you really feel happy you actually dont think about being happy just unconsiously think about things that will make you happier.

It is a feeling which cannot be exactly explained..but yeah…I have taken the risk by putting the now here is my best words describing…

1. Your heart is just too happy to be upset at petty things

2. You will feel like calling your friend maybe randomly to share your happiness or think about other good things and secrets you share!

3. You will do things that you were missing out which will make you feel even better.

4. You will look at the bright side of things that are not so positive and accept them calmly.

And as I told you earlier…its a feeling..(.an abstract noun…lol)..

You might do other pretty things as well but make sure you are really happy!!


2 responses to “What feeling happy actually is!!”

  1. You’re right. True happiness can’t be explained, but can be felt.
    I can understand what you must be feeling.

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