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An important word!!

Hi all….today I will introduce many of you to a word that you might not be knowing and thus creating a lot of pressure on yourself…πŸ–€

So without a further delay..I will tell you the word …and the word is —


Yes thats it…it is really a word…n you should use it at times…it is really important to say NO to others for the sake of your own self…dont be so harsh on need need ur assertion and you need happiness…so go on..if its a no…then say it!!..No hesitations!


Becausr its not wrong to take a stand for yourself!!πŸ’š

And trust me you are worth it…πŸ’œ

Sometimes it is really necessary to say no to people and things in order to say yes for the things and people that matters !! And dont forget to say yes to yourself…it is the best act of kindness that you can show to your soul..your heart!! πŸ’–

Let others think what they assume…keep it simple ..

Be real practical

And say NO if needed!!

No pressure!! No stress!!πŸ’™

I know you dont want others to be cannot turn down others …you are a gem at heart…but dont forget about yourself..πŸ’›

It is really important to say NO to others at times.!!


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