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For u my sleepless friend//

Searching for the sleep during sleepless nights…in the dark sleepy lanes??….

This is not the way out my dear!!

Instead pack your stress and take your mood to the happy roads…the fun street chill … be calm…and then the sleep will come calling you!!!

Those dark eyes…the tired head is missing the sleep so badly….and trust me even the sleep is waiting for you to embrace it…

Your heart needs it but mind disagrees…

So just take a moment …breathe….and let the problems , fears , anger all dissapear for atleast a second….dream the day when you enjoyed a journey…the day you recieved the best birthday gift ….the day you were out with your friends and family!!

And in these lovely memories, when comes the sleep , you won’t realise…but will thank me the next beautiful morning for sure!💖

Good night.💛

Happy sleep.💛

Sweet dreams.💛


6 responses to “For u my sleepless friend//”

  1. Great piece, Ayushi.❤️

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    1. thanks dear…💛
      experiance expressing!😌

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      1. I can relate.❤️

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        1. 🌻✴💛

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