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Where to find?!

  • Now lets talk what actually is happiness? Is it travelling in flights , in class business?
  • Owning a big bunglow , a long car, Or having richest people at par?
  • No this is not hapiness, not at all! why do we keep it behind such wall?
  • Athough we can experiance it all the time, be it playing music or the tingling of wind chime.
  • Some people are happy everywhere , as they try find joy here and there.
  • Even when the rays of rising sun fall, when a mother sees newborn crawl,
  • when a teacher sees a student suceed, when a father sees his child in life proceed.
  • A gardener is happy to see the flowers bloom, a child is happy to get his/her new room.
  • A musician is happy to play a new note, a writer is happy to read the story he wrote!
  • Happiness for all cannot be defined, for some raw and for some refined.
  • Feel little things , listen the bird sings, and then see what happiness it brings.
  • Dont keep happiness on such high rack, always try to keep feeling it back to back.
  • Happiness makes your life going easy, whereas stress will definately drive you crazy.
  • So be happy and spread happiness like cheese, because it will always keep you at ease.
  • Its inside , its outside, happiness is just beside.
  • The only thing is to recognise , as happiness comes in all size.
  • No matter small , medium or large, happiness will keep you charge.
  • Dont die before your death, enjoy your every breath.
  • So dont let your life collect rust, and for this happiness is must!😇

4 responses to “Where to find?!”

  1. This is such a lovely poem. 😍 Happiness is definitely depends on our view 🤗🤗

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    1. yeas..just a matter of thought!

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    1. thanks a lot💟….happy to hear that😄

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