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The trend of “ME TIME”

“Its my me time…I am focussing on myself, taking care of myself!”

This sentence has become quite common these days. Because now people dont love what they do and usually dont have time to do what they actually love!!

This is the reason we have to tag a special time as ME do a few simple things which makes us happy…which helps us to realise who we are and what we want…its like you charge your phone when discharged..the same way you fill in yourself the vibes of intresting things to be cheerful that you can continue to do your chores in this silly running life!!

Playing guitar, learning a new language, reading a book or any of the self care things in these days are much more than what it seems to be!!

Because it is the only time when a person realises his/her existance as a person and not as an athelete who is running in the stupid rat race!!

Slow down before you pass.🖤

This is the reason why most of us are often exhausted and tired of living!

This so called “me time” can be a small initiative to treat your self and cherish little things to be more happy and fresh❣

But I guess we should lead a life where it is all about a ME LIFE…and not where we have to struggle each day to find a free hour for ourself!!

Love your entire life and not just an hour of it!💛

2 responses to “The trend of “ME TIME””

  1. So true 👌

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    1. this is the condition…from our own time we have to specifically take out the me time!

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