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I believe in…

If you people have read my earlier posts , you must be aware of my believe in having a little land of imagination in my mind , dreams and dairy.

So what if life have thorns….grow your own flowerbed in your head!!

Many people think that it is useless , a wastage of time and a baseless practise.

It may be for them , agreed. Because not everyone is going through the same and handling situations in the same way. Everyone have their own uique way , to cope with life. Some find the escape in collecting coins, stamps, pictures and stuff while others flow in the river of art. And some just take a nap. And all of these ways are perfect for their respective owners.

In a similar way, I like imagining my fantasies , my world and my land. It helps be being in a happy place. It tells me that good things do exists , maybe not exactly same but yes they do!

It gives me a break , a much needed one. When I am really tired of everything and everyone , it is the best thing that actually helps me to be back and again prove that yes I can keep moving on!

I sit in the balcony or in my garden with the music on. Then I start thinking about the good things , converse with my own self and find out all thats bothering and then imagine the brighter side of things. Sometimes I just rethink about my dreams or the good moments that I really cherish.

All this provides me a lot of moisturizer to nourish my mind and mood. And this a real important task for me , because I know that I have to jump back in the battle field. Not necessarily to win , but atleast to survive.

What are your ways to give yourself a tender touch of tranquility!??

Waiting for your views and ways in the comment box below.


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