What it takes?

What it takes?

Helping people in little ways..

What do you get?

Smile on other’s face.

Happiness in other’s heart.

Relief on other’s mind.


Goodness in YOU!!🌟🌈

The smile , the happiness and the relief might be temporary.

But the goodness you gain, is forever. β™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύ

A special place in someone’s heart and story.

A face smiling because of you , a heart happy because of you and a relieved mind because of you.🌟

What else can be a better contribution to make earth a better place to live!πŸ’™

You get a step closer to GOD , for being an angel in someone’s hell!

Spread loveπŸ’Ÿ , be kind✴

Be a star in someone else’s dark night sky.

Afterall there is no measuring scale to help. Do as much as you can.



This was a short post to remind everyone to be kind to known and strangers.

Kindness is a bliss.πŸ’–

Experiance it.πŸ’–

Enjoy it.πŸ’–

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