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Dealing with difficult people!@mostlysane

Often we meet and deal with people who are extremely rigid and a day spoiler. And you end up arguing with them without realising how much these banters affect your mind.

You can save your whole day just by knowing the right thing to do.

So here’s a quick tip to help you deal with them!-)

1. Actually it is much better to ignore the people who are difficult to deal with rather arguing with them.

You keep on explaining them , keep on convincing them and they will stick to a point and keep on cracking your head. So it is better to leave them with their misconception, their points….and simply move away with your peace.

Somethings are meant to be as they are.

Dont let them affect your mental state. You can never make everything right but what you can do is to make your mind calm and peaceful because it is the only place you are responsible for.

2. You never know that how has been their day , what is there mood so just don’t get into it. Let it be.

Conserve your energy , conserve your time.

And most imporatantly Protect your Peace .

Let not others change your vibe. I know its a little difficult practise in the beginning , but once you are in a habbit of this , trust me you will thank the heavens for this change.

Because this is something which can totally change your day and for that matter your whole life. You will always be out of the petty issues and you mind can relax. This is THE BEST trick to keep your happy place , happy.!

Your mind , your brain is more important than anyone else’s opinion , believes , vaidation and stuff. Be kind to yourself and just let those people go off the screen. Be happy and maintain it by avoiding such people.

3. And yes, never be rude to these DIFFICULT PEOPLE…otherwise things will go the harder way. Move on with a smile. Let things end on a soft note instead of a bang!!

A smile can really do miracles. Just smile and you will know the power of it.

What a smile can win , an argument will never get it!! There is always a chance of losing the argument but with a smile , you always win……..peace for yourself and a good vibe for your day!!

So be a well wisher of your own self , and each time you find such people , tell your brain Chill buddy….nothing bothering us!!

P.s.- Mostlysane.❤


6 responses to “Dealing with difficult people!@mostlysane”

  1. Best ❤

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  2. Very true. This is the key to have a peaceful life. Thanks for sharing dear Ayushi. 🤝👏

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    1. yeah..n i m trying this right now…..since a few days…n it is a relief!!.

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  3. Very true and wise piece, Ayushi. Truly enjoyed.❤️

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    1. thanks…happy to hear that❤

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