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Be there, a little longer.

Sometimes everything that exists becomes nothing…while the things that actually are nothing surrounds u make make u feel deviod of everything.

And it is often not in our hands to convince our heart because our burdened mind has already told us that no..we arent worth it..or for that matter anything.

In these situation I dont know how to win over our own self but yeass…I know that we can atleast fight and try to be strong for a little longer. No doubt , you have been a wall of brick lately and now you are at the verge of giving up. But buddy please be strong , stand bold . Its not too far.

And you can do this all way better if you have accepted yourself, your flaws, your asessts and the situation. Because the truth remains the same even if you deny it.So start with accepting and stop after achieving. Yes ofcourse a lot of courage , battles , heartbreaks , lost maches and everything will be on your way. But remember you are also there to win over these.

I agree breakdowns are inevitable , but what matters is that you pick up the pieces again, join them and build your fort again. You just have to work 1 time more for success than the number of times you end up failing.

And failing actually is :

F – find way further

A – accomplishment near

I – improve next time

L – learn a little better

I – illumination begins

N – nurturing in progress

G – growth confirmed

So if you failed , be proud and say infront of everyone “Atleast I tried!”

On your path of success -Be Strong. Be Resistant.

Be what you are – THE BEST!!


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