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You will someday agree to it!!

Life is simple… but keeping it so… is difficult!!


I know, one day after long years of fighting with the complexities of life, we all will definately agree to it one day.

The day you realise the “real priorities” and focus on your own self, life will seem really simple. Because it is often us who assume , try to impress , seek validation, do stunts and ultimately make a total mess of our life.

Once all these unnecessary stuff is removed there will a whole lot of space for peace and simplicity.

When nothing outside matters , the inside gets highlighted in form of wisdom , patience , love and better understanding.


6 responses to “You will someday agree to it!!”

  1. I agree to it right now. Good Morning. 😊

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    1. A great start to this morning.
      Have a nice day ahead✌❀

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  2. Amazingggg❣️

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  3. Wonderful piece, Ayushi. I absolutely agree.❀️

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