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To some special people!!

To some even your best words dont suffice,
but some get it by your plain face precise.        
Just thinking about them, makes your day,    
to explain them, there is no need to say.        
Having these people beside is a bliss,           
writing on these, is what I cannot resist.

None other but the only one she,                                           
one who no matter what, is always there with me.
What she says really helps me, to keep it all good ,
after a talk I feel much better than earlier I could.

The power of words, the winsome look of love,
is to heart a help and gives peace of dove.
Where all the adjectives of affection totally ends,
all her traits of fondness,there transcends.
Without even a piece of any type of confer,
she and I, both know its just her and all her.

Remember , if you have any such soul, trust me , you have got a gem!!

Preserve Them!


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