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Tip of the iceberg!

I think when u are dealing with a lot…people just see the tip of the iceberg..

Hold on ..I will explain it to u..definately….Now this means..when u are drowning deep..ppl see the tip ..that is noticing u to be irritable..that u r being impatient…u are losing temper…

No one cares to look deep down inside know what the whole of it looks like..and trust me..I know this very well that how irritating it feels!!

It seems that ppl are concerned abt the little things and ignore the major root problems..they see the changes that disturbs them…n hardly anyone dares to jump in the ocean to help u come out of it!!

It is really annoying to explain them that u r not being impatient…but instead u have already exhausted ur tons of patience n peace!!…n now u can bear with it no more!!

So dont judge anyone based on his / her temper…coz u dont know the backstory to it..

No one …absolutely no one in this whole universe can understand other person completely….all wht one can do is to realate at specific places..n that doesnt give u the complete idea of what is right and what is wrong being in that person’s shoe!

So be kind to everone..u never know what thr other prsn is going through!!..

Try to be an open space for everyone where they can come n relax..n eventually…the whole world would be a comforting place!..Maybe!


6 responses to “Tip of the iceberg!”

    1. coz i think whrn u are heavy insidr …u will be sharp outside

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      1. That’s right dear. 👍

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Great advice, Ayushi.❤️

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