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Invest in the right

Stop wasting your time and energy in explaining yourself to others…instead use all of it in understanding your own self.

Because you your self should be the place where you invest all your mind and power. No one else will matter to you after a given period of time , but you , you have to be there with you and for you…forever.

One cannot be exactly what other person is..each one of us are moulded diffrently by our different upbringing , life experiances , surroundings , mindsets and stuff. No two people can be same…even the siblings…friends or stop comparing…stop explaining..stop worrying.

We all have different starting points…different hurdles and even different focus on completing your race..and dont bother that who is ahead of you!

Simply be proud of yourself!!


2 responses to “Invest in the right”

  1. Couldn’t agree more!! We will never be able to please everyone so we need to stop trying to get their validation and concentrate on ourselves. You should be the only person you try to please.

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    1. yess..this is something we all struggle for!!

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