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The real reality!!

People say that the life these days is very easy. We have all the gadgets ..machines.. facilities n all to do our work..n all we have to do is a click. Okay..I agree that it might have bcom easier on the physical level..but on the emotional (mental) level… everyone is tired…

Each person around struggling to be be at peace. People are all restless..fidgeting and in doubts. Satisfaction is something which is extremely rare to find now. No relax.. nothing…all are in a hurry to reach at a place they themselves dont know if they would cherish or not.

The lives of children ..which was considered the most carefree and easy going period of life has also changed its face. Now the children are also facing the brutal problems…competition in studies…extreme peer pressure.. complexes and stuff.

Absolutely no one is leading an easy life!! Each person is having their own moutain of problems…with no solution. The ppl now fake being happy to their own self..chill and all are just little ways to fool ur own self that u are doing good..but trust me this wont help..n u can clearly see…everyone is battling with their own heart and mind!

Life is not easier these days…it just seems so….bcoz afterall life also uses the filters now to look what it is not!!..Nothing is really real in the world is all show off..either for good or bad..and sometimes to calm down ur complexities!!

Anyway..all we can do is to be be real atleast with ourselves!! N this will definately remove a lot of weight and give us more freedom from all the shit going on..!!


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