My interpretation of “KEEP MOVING”///

This is one of the most common and famous inspirational quote that anyone and everyone can tell you…

KEEP MOVING…but have you ever thought that what does it actually means??

Because just moving without understanding what it means….might stop you at a level forever…which you can overcome…if you know that what actually KEEP MOVING means.

Ok now suppose you are moving on a path to your dream destination….and you have a sack of promblems..

In this situation you have 3 options–

1. Move with the sack…dragging it.

2. Solve the problems and then move on.

3. Leave the path and destiny there.

And for me if you dont opt for the 3rd option..that means you are moving…and you dont need to follow the first one!!

People often misinterpret moving on…as moving blindly to your wanted place..but dont you think that this would make the journey unwanted!???…And if the journey is unwanted ..even of you reach the wanted destination…you wont cherish it…instead you will only crib for the difficulties in the journey you had….

And I think that ” keep moving ” should aim at making the journey to the wanted place also wanted….you should be excited for the journey as well to that hieght…and not only the destination.

So I think keep moving do allow you to slow down when needed….even to stop and take breaks …to solve and reduce the weight of problems….

Because moving on and on …..dragging the problems will make you and your way miserable….which is not ok for me!!!

Afterall…its a long journey…Unknown and unexperianced….so why not to make it happily memorable….so that your war story shows courage…and not disappointment.


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