What’s inside!

Like her for her heart or disguise her face,

but not everyone is running in the same race.

Painting or brushing the face,

wont give your heart any extra grace

all the beauty in the face we find,

and forget the heart behind.

All that glitters is not gold,

we all know the saying true and old ,

still we dont stand with it bold,

and at last choose what shines as gold.

We find all the love sold,

for one who external beauty behold.

Its the soul inside,that actually decide ,

whether you are wrong or right.

Everyone has a different definition for beauty in this world,

for some its the white skin sharp nose and hairs curled.

No song or peom judges the looks of the lyricist,

no invention sees the colour of scientist,

yet they are as perfect,

on the looks they dont suspect.

Just ignore what people says and live your life to the fullest,

as acceptance is something which from everyone you cannot expect.

A happy agreement from everyone,

is as impossible as a blue sun.

So if you have accepted yourself,

its a battle you have already won.

Cut the threads of what people will say 

because it will pull you down everday.

So open your wings and fly high,

and remember you have your own sky!

At last i would say

dont try to look better,

instead stive to be better!!


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