When you break ;

your world shake ;

to trust is a risk you don’t take ;

because now everyone for you is fake.

 You show extreme power to bear;

 but at last you still shed tear;

 which like your heart is really clear .

Now you don’t believe in the believing someone;

 with doubt in your heart you see everyone.

 If it was an unworthy friend,

 with tears you are drenched ;

you don’t know how it came to an end ,

your long talks sitting on a bench.

There can be hole even in the strong , thick wall of brick;

then why not in your tender heart will the needle of mistrust prick.

 You don’t want to open that chapter again in your life ;

because you know that only you who can help you survive.

 People have their own selfish reason;

 to change again with the season .

But still they taught you something —-

what ?–

to find in yourself your everything.💔

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