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The true…truth sisters))

The two little cute twin sisters,
in which tears dwell, happiness glisters.
One who never speak lies,
are your lovely eyes.

Every poet, every lyricist ,
tries to bring in the song, a twist.
But after the long research ends,
its the beauty of the eyes that trends,
to remove the line about eyes is a real grind,
coz without them, even the poem feels blind.

The kajal, mascara and the liner,
are for emotion in them look finer.
Beauty in eyes are of different kind,
some in large while some in blue find.

A child in his eyes has innocence dwelling in it,
which one finds difficult to stop himself from felling for it.
A mother has a store of care,
while father shows what is fair.
A lover in the eyes of his love,
find peace as symbolised in a dove.
A cute wynk,
can make his heart sink.
The eyes of an officer shows utter dedication,
actually eyes are the mirror of your imagination.

Eyes are the windows to peep,
all the feelings throgh it seep,
its difficult for eyes to keep,
the sentiments of your heart deep.

Actually the eyes sees what is outside,
but shows what is inside.


8 responses to “The true…truth sisters))”

  1. the windows to desire , to truth , to the life unlived , to dreams …

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  2. Very well penned dear πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  3. Wow, beautifully expressed ❀

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    1. happy u likedπŸ’œ


  4. Beautiful verses with perfect rhyming. Well penned πŸ‘

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