Sometimes when I look back;

 I see memories filling up the rack.

A sad tune a happy note;

 and that’s how I rowed my boat.

 But it was never too easy,

 to live with people so good and crazy ,

some were sad some were bad,

some were active some were lazy,

 that’s why it was not that easy.

If you hear my life ,

you will see comedy horror and tragic;

 at times you will feel a grip of magic.

 I wish all the people were here;

 to relieve the moment we share .

The stars in my life were in cluster;

 the story of my life is nothing less than a blockbuster .

When my mood was low;

 some people acted like the rainbow ;

in the garden of my life they could sow ,

the seed that could make me happy and aglow.

Some gave me surprise some gave me shock ;

but all of them for me in life were a rock;

 they give me support and stillness;

 and filled my life with happiness.

Thats my life, short n cute;

Sometimes loud, sometimes mute!😁


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