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A. group.forever

Sharing lunch to problems!

Completing others assingments to statements!

Fighting among each other to fighting for each other!

Our freindship grew…

One good in cooking,

the other in make up.

Third is superb in designing,

and the fourth in writing.

The last champions the studies,

And the heart of all the buddies.

Such has been my school girl gang,

Each knew their own way to bang.

Picnics , parties and get together ,

we enjoyed all with complete pleasure.

All the love in my epic group prevails,

each time all had their own new tales!!



5 responses to “A. group.forever”

  1. Vidhi Agarwal avatar
    Vidhi Agarwal


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  2. Wonderful piece. ❤️

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    1. thanks a lot
      ….frienship makes everything beautiful💚

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      1. Absolutely. My pleasure.❤️

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