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A desperate wait!

When we dont sit and count..often months and years pass by..but when we are waiting everyday feels like a month to go.

In July I took part in 2 was writing anf tge other was a toy designing and the result of both of them are to be announced on 15th August…I m dying waiting for themmm..and still 15 days are left.

Like a child counts hours and minutes fot his birthday to am I counting the time..that I still have to wait.Although the competitions are of national level…n this is my first experiance of taking part..still I am excited as if I m gonna win it.

A wait is quite a difficult task. Often people say that waiting has its own joy…but I would say the butterflies in the stomach …doesnt let me be at rest anytime.I feel like a doll standing on one leg…I might fall but the chances of surviving (although very very very less)are also there…(I guess)!!:)

I hope u all might also have had such experiances…where the wwait for something or someone ..made u like a restless pigeon!..Do share ur stories and opinion in the comment section..I will be really glad to see how others manage and pass this period!


3 responses to “A desperate wait!”

  1. Still 15 days to go…. Quite a long wait!!
    Congratulations for participating in national level, that itself a achievement already! 👏👏

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    1. thanks a lot..really i m so excited coz with this win… i will kinda prove myself..

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    2. also…i really want too😅

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