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Steps of improvement!!

Everything takes time…nothing comes with a snap of fingers. I also took the initiative to move on this path…

1. Stop creating the negetive🤯😨✖

2. Stop accepting the negetive🙈🙉🙊

3. Start accepting the positive🎆🎐✔

4.Start creating the positive😙🗨👌

5.Never end reflecting the positive😇😉

If u think u are sad..or ppl around u are sad..try analysing the situation…and if u find that this is majorly because of the vibes….start this journey to the peace.

Currently I m on the second step . I can really feel a whole lot of difference!

Drop down in the comment box that what’s ur status, and which point according to u is the most difficult one!!

And remember….above all these steps lies the believe in God…He is there to help start and accomplish all u want!!


4 responses to “Steps of improvement!!”

  1. I so agree with the said points…but sometimes negativity overtakes. Yet have the edge of hope that this too shall pass… Very well written dear Ayushi m🤗🤗

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    1. thanks for reading🙂

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  2. Agree with all of these- great post!

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