The turns of life,

 are sometimes as cold as ice ;

but don’t loose hope and be wise ;

because it’s after a fall that you rise .

Never lose hope ;

because there is always a scope ;

One day you will definitely win;

 if you have the determination within.

 Problems may be as high as mountain;

 but opportunities also have a fountain .

Just like the warmth of fire that burn;

 your life will also take a good turn.

 So always hold up hopes flag ;

and keep that smiling happy tag.

Dont forget each problem has solution;

Β and to solve it should be ur resolution.

 If you want to reach the sky ;

keep your spirits that very high.

 Always be on the right way ;

and don’t care what the people say.

Β You are the driver of your own life ;

so be cautious and be wise.

 Never stop and carry on your run ;

coz then you will find a life full of fun.

 In between problems may arrive ;

 but then you know how to survive!!πŸ˜‰


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