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Either end ur pride…


it will end u!!!

Remember nothing in this world is irreplacable ..if not u then somone else will do it and carry it on!!

Dont be proud if u think ppl are afraid of u….but be happy when they respect u!!Coz respect last forever while fear only infront of u!!

No single person in this whole world whatever may be the age and qualification…is not an all knowing one…u need not to boast and make others feel bad about it..coz even u dont have all the qualities that the other one possess!!

Hear me out…If u are best and take pride ..u will surely bcom bad…actually worse…but if u r humble n good..definately u r going to be the best!

I dont know why…I wrote this..but it was very random…the thoughts came n I typed!


2 responses to “UR EGO WILL END U!”

  1. Glad you wrote this because it speaks volumes of truth.

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