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A sad day or a sad week is not a problem!!

but a SAD MIND is!!

I dont think there is a need to write more!!

isnt it enough!?

9 responses to “umm..”

  1. Yss, I know , it’s hard to deal with a hard mind. You will get through this . Just go with the flow. More power and love to u 💗

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  2. Sad mind is just a thought. U will fly with brave wings 🙂

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  3. I think yes… It all depends on our minds!!

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  4. Do write more; it’s not enough. There must be a cure for a sad mind that I can’t see!

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    1. yaa …there is💫will make sure to post about it too👍

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    2. n by the way..i have already posted many posts…about feeling and handling a sad mind!!…u can go on n read…i m sure u will relate to many of them ..n even like them!

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