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Some adjectives are made to narrate ,

the assets of the little ones accurate.

The innocence of a child’s tender heart ,

is God’s old and original modern art.

Their struggles lies in tiny cute things ,

they make your whole year like springs.

The steps they take , with the feet that shake,

nothing in the world , will this type of joy make.

The first word , the names that they speak ,

will reamain a good news for the whole week.

Their smile can give you a different piece of joy,

a child’s love is eternal for his mother and toy.

A feeling of a living true angel on earth ,

is experianced after any lovely child’s birth.

Their expressive eyes and delicate tiny hands,

are above the values of rupees,dollars or rands.

Be it a plump cute boy or a lovely sweet girl,

in your heavy heart can bring a tender little whirl.

Therefore the purest thing that exists ,

is a baby and his heart , I insist.

A new flower of love blooms,

and brings light to all the glooms.

When a child is born just be sure ,

that to all your emptiness she is a cure.

Coco , berry and such other cute names,

with whole bliss your mind exclaims!!

Some adjectives are made to narrate ,

Some adjectives are made to narrate ,


14 responses to “KINDEST CREATION!❤❤”

  1. Excellent 👌

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  2. Excellent
    Well written

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  3. Suryansh Gupta avatar
    Suryansh Gupta


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  4. Infancy is the cutest thing. Well penned 👍

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    1. happy u liked it🙂

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  5. Such a cute song this is!!! ❤️❤️ And the baby….. 😘😘😘

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    1. my neighbour kid…❤❤

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  6. So beautiful and too cute!

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