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Being informed..

Ever wondered if being an informed indivisual is a boon or a bane??

The first thought is ofc its good…u have to be informed…it gives u knowledge..and makes u aware of the facts and things going around the world. It is a necessary in the times now bcoz u have to keep up with the happenings around. You shud be an all knowing prsn …

But…on the other hand..if u think abt it deeply..u may realise that it has a lot of harsh consequences…which we handle..un-noticed of the cause!!

The distress…the worries…the restlesness…is increasing with every new day..we have more n more issues to think and worry abt…the covid cases toll…the near future disease…the side effects…other problems that might evolve..the financial on n so forth….the more u know…the more u have on ur head to bear….maybe u dont realise it..but with every negetive news that u read… u add on a point of problem to ur subconcious mind..

Ever seen a small happy and free from stress he is…bcoz all he has to think of is his own dinner…his teacher’s test …the gift from papa…or such …he is not into thinking abt the whole world drowning deep in the issues…

I dont say that u have to sit illiterate in ur hut …but All I am trying to say is just that dont go onto reading negetive and all bad a news atleast in the morning…choose the good piece of information …during the early day to get filled with the postive vibes…rather being burried in the tension of the bads!!…..Or simply ignore the ones abt which u can do nothing!!

Comment below…what u think abt being “too” informed!!


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