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An unwanted world…

Often we find ourselves in an unwanted whorly world where…the sun shines behind the clouds…the plant breathes in the smoke…the birds chirp among the noise…the sweet tastes like bitterness…the love lives in the lie…

It seems that the happiness stays far beyond the dullness.

Every good thing is present in this world….the sun , the plants , the bird’s chirp , the sweet , the love…but barred behind the bad….which maybe is just visible bcoz we have bcom habitual of seeing the dark…n imagining the light lays behind it…!!!

It is really difficult and important to be out of this messy deep dark word.

But the heavy heart is relluctant to see the weightless joy…


2 responses to “An unwanted world…”

  1. We do tend to concentrate on the darkness but luckily that can be changed by making it a habit to notice the good!

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