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A thought passed by…

Today while thinking about a lot of mess…..watching a video with a glass of chilled mango shake….a random thought just passed by…n I think it is worth sharing…

I wondered what if everyone had a truth meter on their face…which indicated true or false everytime they said something.

I think…this innovation could have saved us from all those ill moments…when others tell lie….or we just pretented to be what they expected…all the misunderstandings…

The times one lie to cheat u…the times u lie to adjust for someone else…the times of cruel fights…the times of unsaid truths..the times of unfelt feelings…the time of unexpressed wants and all these moments…just think how easy and simple all this could have been…just if we had a meter that could show the inner voice!

Comment down ..if u 2 agree…

It will be really great to read your random thoughts and fun imaginations…that u wish existed 😁


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