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Cant do much about it!!

Some people are never going to be happy with you…no matter how hard you try!!All your efforts are in vain…but sadly this is the heartbreaking truth.No matter who that person is…but they will definately bring u down to self doubt , self hate and gradually you will be found drowing in an ocean of guilt!!

This happens more if this kind of person is among your near ones…or if u wish to be one of their near ones!

Believe some point we all will encounter such person…it will be very difficult I know…but…afterall its life..and u will have to accept the fact that some things are never your ….even after all your trials and hard work.


7 responses to “Cant do much about it!!”

  1. Relatable , truly said dear Ayushi.
    If it’s not meant for me… then how hard I try…. It’s definitely not going to be mine forever!! Hard truth to live with 😥

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  2. True! Some people will also give mixed signals. Those are the worst!

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  3. Such people are the worst. Their actions can have so many consequences!

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    1. definately….n the consequences are mostly bad

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