How does prayer help?!

How does prayer help?!

A prayer may not fulfill all u ask…but it can definately make you believe that one day you can have it.

It is a thing of believe…which helps you believe…never give up praying..coz it is a self motivation…from your believe , for your believe!!

Few feelings can never be explained…so is the act of praying…n it is not bound to be just for you…praying for others is an excellent good turn…which will make you feel better!

God is eternal…so is his prayers.

Make praying a part of your lifestyle…if you want miracles to be a style of your life.

This morning an old teacher of mine sent me a picture …a motivational one..which inspired me to write a small piece about prayers!!

It would be really grt to hear your thoughts about prayers in the comment section!

12 responses to “How does prayer help?!”

  1. I so agree. Faith and hope is the only thing that still keep me going. Even in my most difficult times,I believe and that is my motivation. Thanks for sharing the most needed post. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

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  2. relax. close your eyes. you have known God and you feel like telling everybody the experience memory truth happiness health wealth money impossibility possible miracle eternal mortal finite infinite alive inert dream reality gradual stepped perfect imperfect superior inferior universe number everything nothing animal plant mineral conscious unconscious same different creation evolution credible incredible created with without creator with without beginning end in time past present future from the will to live love care matter. hell and heaven is ourselves for eternity til endless death. there are no secrets. God can not be deceived. truth is life and lie death. open your eyes.

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