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The hospital dwellers

I guess the walls of hospitals have heard many more true selfless prayers than any temple!!

The doctors are prayed and requested for sake of one’s life.But the irony is that if in our country someone dies…its the fault of doctors …and if the person is safe..its the GOD’s grace.

We as a country dont applaud and glorify the doctors…who have studied so hard…for these years to able to treat the rest.

Their sleepless nights,hard working days…missing their family moments so that your family doesnt have moments of silence.

Even in this critical this difficult era there are some people who continue to find faults in our doctors.Why can we not stand as nation and take atleast our own responsibility to stay home…so that they can atleast once go home!!

It seems very easy to do the work..but can you be in a room where you know are 100 patients with confirmed corona.Can you be there for their sake and to treat those who have been just critizing you for all these years??

I think the best way we can ever acknowledge the doctors and other frontliners is by staying home and being safe!!

Even this is how selfless…your safety is their tribute!!Think of it!!….The families of these warriors are fighters too…they also dare their house’s life to work for the unknown .


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