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Stong..stronger..and even stronger

Frankly speaking…the problems that fall on your way may seem very disgusting at a given time…but my experiance is such, that even if today I face a problem..I might feel tired…but I know that last time, the difficulties have made me stronger than I was….this tells me that if I survived the last disaster…then why not this.

Ofcourse the problem will always hinder you..but gradually you will see a difference in your attitude while facing it!..and this is very important that how you tackle the situation with a positive approach!!

Not trying to flex…but my problems have told me and even proved me, that I am very much able to always solve them and emerge out of them….no matter how stressed I am…how big is the issue…but I always know that I can atleast survive it..if not solve!! I am really seeing a great difference in me..what I was when my life was all up…and lately when it has been all down.

Trust me when I say this, difficulty is the knife that cuts you, but ultimately, it moulds you.


24 responses to “Stong..stronger..and even stronger”

  1. Keep up the spirit dear ❤️🤞

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          1. Okay .. How’s your day

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            1. fun…btw..anything u wanted to ask or any work ??…


              1. Enjoy your weekend ❤️🤞

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        1. i dont like social media…i m nowhere..on any platforms


          1. Oohhoo…peace with yourself 🤞

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  2. You are basically playing a part of Lone Wolf.
    Stay strong and be different.

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  3. Love your attitude towards difficult times. You are so right, Ayushi. These lessons make us stronger. Stay bright.❤️

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    1. thanks for the appreciation..glad that you agreed😘

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      1. My pleasure.❤️

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  4. Awww… Much needed for me today!! Thanks for sharing this with us ❣️❣️

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    1. this is what is needed for everyone…everyday❤💯

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  5. Very insightful write. And I appreciate your positive approach to looking at your hardship. You are a true fighter. Keep it up.🙂

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  6. The best way to face a challenge is to face it boldly. A good write up!

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    1. glad you liked it🙂

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