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My OAE funda!!

I will introduce you with this funda a little later in the post.

Some people call it farsightedness while I call it being on a line of a narrow thought forever.See its not bad to plan, but to plan for things far beyond and assuming that your plan is the only one option of survival is wrong .

Because things are not bound to happen according to our plan…on the contrary…we should be prepared to plan according to the things that happen.

We should always keep the fact in mind that this plan is a preferred way but there is always a possibility for things to turn out to be different. And you should not balme yourself or anyone else for this.This was going to happen..and so it did!! Remember that this is not the end of the world! You can always come up with an alternative plan …which is best for the situation that you are finally in!

Now comes the funda…

O :- open

be open for miracles and disasters to happen…because THEY HAPPEN!

A :- accept

accept the things that actually happened ..because THIS IS LIFE!

and most importantly…

E :- emerge

emerge out of every and any problem.. because YOU CAN!

Never regret that your plan didn’t work out. If God didn’t let the plan to be in action, definately it had faults.Things might be bad now…but who knows it could have been worse then!

So keep moving on. Learn to bear the burdens of life.

Be ready. Be open. Be accepting. Be brave. Be strong. Be good. Be happy. Be content!!


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