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What actually music does!?

Why do we feel better after listening to music??

Why is music a go to of so many people??

Does it really help??

You must have observed that we often listen to the music according to our mood.The tune and lyrics which matches our current vibe…and this is the secret.

Everyone feels better to see that he/she is not alone…others have gone through the same phase also…and listening to the song gives us this feel.We listen and connect to the words , to the melody and we then have a sense of unwinding , we feel as if we have being de-stressed.

When we are happy ,we listen to raps and other energetic songs , the vibrations and energy of the artists that is pumped in the song hits us…and we feel further excited!

Music actually has a great power to help and to heal. It is one of the simplest self help that one can opt for when there is an outburst of emotions and mental breakdown!

And if you are happy …then bravo …go on..listen enjoy and be happier!!


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