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A place where happiness blooms**

My visitors are not people,
instead birds , bees and butterflies.
and the garden feels like heaven ,under the skies.

My investment for this eternal glee,
is just a little effort and lots of love for someone other than me.

The love and warmth of my plants, o boy,
gives me such a lot of joy.

A garden feels like a love land ,
having vibrant smelling flower’s band.

The plants become your family,
you will love the time spend there calmly.

Mantaining a garden of your own,
is also helping the unknown,
It feels like growing the colours of your emotion,
with heartily devotion.

The garden can give shape to your fantasies,
trust me, your garden can be your own masterpiece.

The rose , the lily , the lavender,
their blooming season will be your next awited part of the calender.

The pleasure of garden has ability to mend,
gradually with those plants you will make friend.

You will see, buying different seeds and sapling,
will be the new thoughts in your mind rattling.

Plants understand your feeling,
therefore gardening can be the best way for your healing.

The efforts put in a garden always pay,
coz it a place where you can enjoy your every single day.


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