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The feeling of real home!

The true feeling of home does not come from money,

it is the love of the loved ones that makes it like honey.

People think that modern furniture is a house’s necessity ,

but they dont realise the importance of love’s density.

As comfy as mother’s lap ,as peaceful as a flower sap,

the house is designed by the feelings and not by map.

No one can define a universal perfect home ,

coz it is not meant to be a place like Rome.


2 responses to “The feeling of real home!”

  1. Feeling of home is like the first rain shower, the sweet smell of soil after rain, the water in drought…
    Mother’s lap is like the oasis in desert, the ray of hope on a day covered with grey clouds of helplessness..
    Can’t be bargained for anything..
    Very beautiful 💕💕

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