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The lost true kindness!!

Some wants fake charm to gain fame,
some wants to do great and remain same.
Doing good for want of people to admire
or because you really have a desire.

Showing off is the new trend,
to your family and friend.
If you have something be happy not boaster,
coz life can turn like a roller coaster.

Nothing is eternal , everything  will perish,
it is just your good work that people will cherish.
So do good only if your intentions command,
not because  popularity and fame demand.

The true good always in the heart survives,
and not necessarily in the newspaper it arrives.
Nowadays there is a misinterpretion of noble deeds,
it is  defined to be a work that next day, the world reads.

The real reward is gained when the intensions are true,
otherwise there are thousands sitting like me and you.
If you can be happy for someone else,
then be assured that in you,the kindness dwells.

Just try to bring on ones face, a smile,
the god has all the altruism, noted in his file.
Trust me, you will never be sad while making others happy,
automatically you will be able to clean all that which in your life was scrappy.

Remember,one thing that never goes out of fashion,
is the true compassion.
So just go on ,and spread the glee,
and then the change, you yourself will see.


2 responses to “The lost true kindness!!”

  1. Very well expressed , the genuine act of kindness in people is rare these days. They only do it to show off and satisfy their ego. In their heart they know how superficial they are. Loved your selection of words. Keep up the good work. Lots of love dear

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