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The dropping crystals!

Seeing the falling rain,
is an untold gain.
There are no more frowns,
everyone in eternal joy, drowns.

When the shower of blessings touches ground,
the nature also seems to be crowned.
You never know what each drop,
means to the farmer and his crop.

Have you ever encountered the lucky chance,
to see the beatiful peacocks dance?

The transcedent meeting of earth and heaven,
the sky showing its constituent colours seven.

When the rain falls , the happiness of earth,
is like celebration of God’s rebirth.
You cannot undergo the real joy,
unless you feel the nature enjoy.

The animals ,the land , the lord,
all are tied to rain with an invisible cord.

Every rain brings a new life to land,
which only a nature lover can understand.

The petrichor scent of air,
is a boon that the rain share.
The green grass, the glowing leaf,
gives  your heart a divine relief.

After a rain , even the stone seems new,
but people who can percieve, are very few.
Once you feel it,
you will try to seal it.
This experiance is eternal,
and cannot be defined even in journal.


2 responses to “The dropping crystals!”

  1. Raindrops are the kisses clouds send for the earth

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