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Back then when we learned to plan,
for small party,picnic and event,
we learnt that without it ,we would lament.
There would be no fulfillment ,
in any of the segment.

But no one told that its not always what we plan,
and it is simply because its not just us who can,
so just chill man,
and its ok to not have a plan.

Some things come unexpected,
you might think of pass but it gets rejected,
so bravo , dont be dejected,
and prepare yourself to be addicted,
for things coming up ,you haven’t suspected.

Sometimes things fall into place on their own,
and become your life’s milestone.
Also there will be cyclone,
when you dont have to let your power dethrone,
because the turns of life are well known,
so prepare for the load, your backbone.

Keep in mind ,there’s a god,who doesn’t let the sleeping birds fall,
so how can he let you suffer this all.
Maybe once, twice or thrice your plan gets destroyed ,
but don’t let your hearts be void,
be hopeful instead of annoyed.

Remember, help can be your friend or a stranger,
pleasant day could turn into danger,
bad can become best,
and in God’s hand is the rest.

Plan does not always work out,
so it’s ok to be in doubt😉


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