Yeah I have it!

Some pillars in your lifes are so strong… that just even thinking about it… you feel the support!!


Being informed..

Ever wondered if being an informed indivisual is a boon or a bane??

The first thought is ofc its good…u have to be informed…it gives u knowledge..and makes u aware of the facts and things going around the world. It is a necessary in the times now bcoz u have to keep up with the happenings around. You shud be an all knowing prsn …

But…on the other hand..if u think abt it deeply..u may realise that it has a lot of harsh consequences…which we handle..un-noticed of the cause!!

The distress…the worries…the restlesness…is increasing with every new day..we have more n more issues to think and worry abt…the covid cases toll…the near future disease…the side effects…other problems that might evolve..the financial on n so forth….the more u know…the more u have on ur head to bear….maybe u dont realise it..but with every negetive news that u read… u add on a point of problem to ur subconcious mind..

Ever seen a small happy and free from stress he is…bcoz all he has to think of is his own dinner…his teacher’s test …the gift from papa…or such …he is not into thinking abt the whole world drowning deep in the issues…

I dont say that u have to sit illiterate in ur hut …but All I am trying to say is just that dont go onto reading negetive and all bad a news atleast in the morning…choose the good piece of information …during the early day to get filled with the postive vibes…rather being burried in the tension of the bads!!…..Or simply ignore the ones abt which u can do nothing!!

Comment below…what u think abt being “too” informed!!

An unwanted world…

Often we find ourselves in an unwanted whorly world where…the sun shines behind the clouds…the plant breathes in the smoke…the birds chirp among the noise…the sweet tastes like bitterness…the love lives in the lie…

It seems that the happiness stays far beyond the dullness.

Every good thing is present in this world….the sun , the plants , the bird’s chirp , the sweet , the love…but barred behind the bad….which maybe is just visible bcoz we have bcom habitual of seeing the dark…n imagining the light lays behind it…!!!

It is really difficult and important to be out of this messy deep dark word.

But the heavy heart is relluctant to see the weightless joy…

Choose ur reason ….

Sometimes…we feel totally stressed out…and we think that I m the one going thru all this alone… this can be due to 2 things..

1. Your problems are extraordinary


2. Your strenght is very ordinary

And I think most of us know..its the 1st one….

This means we , ourself rule out the possibility of having less strength…

so COME ON…..YOU have the strength….you have the power!!!!!!

U are out here…after defeating a lot..after overcoming many…after winning the most…n believe me…u will be able to do so…even further!

And if u chose the 2nd one…HURRAY….now u have ur way out…all u need now…is a strength..that is all within u ..just a bit dormant….n u have an oppurtunity….as this problem…to get that strength really active now…n then…its all done!!


You cannot take ur life in the colours….but u can definately bring colours to ur life!!

πŸ”΄πŸŸ₯πŸŸ πŸŸ§πŸŸ‘πŸŸ¨πŸŸ’πŸŸ©πŸ”΅πŸŸ¦πŸŸ£πŸŸͺ🟀🟫

the bliss of beauty is best with the happy shades!!

A thought passed by…

Today while thinking about a lot of mess…..watching a video with a glass of chilled mango shake….a random thought just passed by…n I think it is worth sharing…

I wondered what if everyone had a truth meter on their face…which indicated true or false everytime they said something.

I think…this innovation could have saved us from all those ill moments…when others tell lie….or we just pretented to be what they expected…all the misunderstandings…

The times one lie to cheat u…the times u lie to adjust for someone else…the times of cruel fights…the times of unsaid truths..the times of unfelt feelings…the time of unexpressed wants and all these moments…just think how easy and simple all this could have been…just if we had a meter that could show the inner voice!

Comment down ..if u 2 agree…

It will be really great to read your random thoughts and fun imaginations…that u wish existed 😁

A lane of words …..

Sometimes the ppl you wish to fight for you……are busy planning to fight against u!!

All the way u were obeying them….and when you say ur wish its a shock to them!!

They never understood the depth of ur difficult oceans but expect u to be empathic for their puddles!!

Trying to make others happy all the time……ends up saddening even more of them and u az olways!!

tieing it all up with yourself!

Sometimes when the situations are dull and you want to pour out all that is in your heart and mind……but afterall…its u …who has kept it all for so long..and then you know..that maybe just saying it can worsen the period…so you just gulp down those words…which are gulping you down in the feeling….

And at last you just end up saying…


Cant do much about it!!

Some people are never going to be happy with you…no matter how hard you try!!All your efforts are in vain…but sadly this is the heartbreaking truth.No matter who that person is…but they will definately bring u down to self doubt , self hate and gradually you will be found drowing in an ocean of guilt!!

This happens more if this kind of person is among your near ones…or if u wish to be one of their near ones!

Believe some point we all will encounter such person…it will be very difficult I know…but…afterall its life..and u will have to accept the fact that some things are never your ….even after all your trials and hard work.


Maturity is when you realise that you didn’t make someone sad…..but you can make them happy!!

Its like you dont know the reason of someone being upset…..but you are ready to be the reason for their happiness!!

Bcoz then you know…its an invisible reversible cycleπŸ˜‰

your suggestion.

Today I thought that why not to write a few points about things that you wish.

Sometimes…somethings in our life bcoms complicated and we need others point of views….at times others opinion can solve a puzzle in our life.

So I wish that all those who read this post might suggest me something or some topic about which you want me to write.

It will mean a lot to me if you could just drop a suggestion in the comment section!

How does prayer help?!

A prayer may not fulfill all u ask…but it can definately make you believe that one day you can have it.

It is a thing of believe…which helps you believe…never give up praying..coz it is a self motivation…from your believe , for your believe!!

Few feelings can never be explained…so is the act of praying…n it is not bound to be just for you…praying for others is an excellent good turn…which will make you feel better!

God is eternal…so is his prayers.

Make praying a part of your lifestyle…if you want miracles to be a style of your life.

This morning an old teacher of mine sent me a picture …a motivational one..which inspired me to write a small piece about prayers!!

It would be really grt to hear your thoughts about prayers in the comment section!


Situations are often interpreted in a way as we want the things to be justified!!

Anything and everything can be justified by every single possibility…its only about what we want to believe!.!.!.!

So see soother and believe better.

Because we all know to put on the glasses which can show what we want to see🀍

An irony….

We can FIND a few things only when we are LOST!!!

A few experiance , few answers , few solutions, few joys…..all can be found being lost.

A day spent well

What is the definition of a day which is spent well.

For me I think sometimes its a day when I have done the maximum work while the other times…its a day when I havent done anything.

It can also be a day spent with a person I admire the most …while it can also be just a frndz get together.

But for sure it is a day which I just wish that doesnt end…and want it to repeat.

A single news heard or just a piece learned…can be the reason of my day made good.!.!.!.

What is your views about a day spent well??..comment below


If being away drifts you away then you are not in the correct relation.!.!.!.!

If the bond is true then the distance will make you grow closer.!.!.!.!

No matter how long you live away…..the concern and compassion never fades.!.!.!.!

The busy schedule or a few no talking gaps cannot be the reason for your love to die out.!.!.!.!

Make sure…you atleast have one such loveπŸ’–πŸ’–

see it once!!

I dont have anything to say after this picture…I guess most of us dont live in present….n now our aim should be to live in present…instead of falling in past or jumping in future!!

Be assured this really helps…think in present…for things in present….and let the things laying for future in the hands of your today’s efforts!!

The hospital dwellers

I guess the walls of hospitals have heard many more true selfless prayers than any temple!!

The doctors are prayed and requested for sake of one’s life.But the irony is that if in our country someone dies…its the fault of doctors …and if the person is safe..its the GOD’s grace.

We as a country dont applaud and glorify the doctors…who have studied so hard…for these years to able to treat the rest.

Their sleepless nights,hard working days…missing their family moments so that your family doesnt have moments of silence.

Even in this critical this difficult era there are some people who continue to find faults in our doctors.Why can we not stand as nation and take atleast our own responsibility to stay home…so that they can atleast once go home!!

It seems very easy to do the work..but can you be in a room where you know are 100 patients with confirmed corona.Can you be there for their sake and to treat those who have been just critizing you for all these years??

I think the best way we can ever acknowledge the doctors and other frontliners is by staying home and being safe!!

Even this is how selfless…your safety is their tribute!!Think of it!!….The families of these warriors are fighters too…they also dare their house’s life to work for the unknown .

Stong..stronger..and even stronger

Frankly speaking…the problems that fall on your way may seem very disgusting at a given time…but my experiance is such that even if today I face a problem..I might feel tired…but I know that the last difficulties has made me stronger than I was….this tells me that if I faced the last disaster…then why not this.

Ofcourse the problem will always hinder you..but gradually you will see a difference in your attitude while facing it!..and this is very important that how you tackle the situation with a positive approach!!

Not trying to flex…but my problems have told me and even proved that I am very much able to always solve them and emerge out of them….no matter how stressed I am…how big is the issue…but I always know that I can atleast survive it..if not solve!! I am really seeing a great difference in me..what I was when my life was all up…and lately when it has been all down.

My OAE funda!!

I will introduce you with this funda a little later in the post.

Some people call it farsightedness while I call it being on a line of a narrow thought forever.See its not bad to plan, but to plan for things far beyond and assuming that your plan is the only one option of survival is wrong .

Because things are not bound to happen according to our plan…on the contrary…we should be prepared to plan according to the things that happen.

We should always keep the fact in mind that this plan is a preferred way but there is always a possibility for things to turn out to be different. And you should not balme yourself or anyone else for this.This was going to happen..and so it did!! Remember that this is not the end of the world! You can always come up with an alternative plan …which is best for the situation that you are finally in!

Now comes the funda…

O :- open

be open for miracles and disasters to happen…because THEY HAPPEN!

A :- accept

accept the things that actually happened ..because THIS IS LIFE!

and most importantly…

E :- emerge

emerge out of every and any problem.. because YOU CAN!

Never regret that your plan didn’t work out. If God didn’t let the plan to be in action, definately it had faults.Things might be bad now…but who knows it could have been worse then!

So keep moving on. Learn to bear the burdens of life.

Be ready. Be open. Be accepting. Be brave. Be strong. Be good. Be happy. Be content!!


The capital of the world is none other than the great mother,
one who is ready to be backstage to see you further.
The one having the softest of hearts that shine ,
can be your sword and armour at the same time.

Her love exceeds the value of infinity by a lot ,
she can be tied herself for you to be unknot.
Her sacrifices can never be counted by anyone ,
all her possessions resides in daughter and son.

Even the God when had to be born on Earth ,
needed a mother for their earthly birth!
No unit is discovered which can ever measure ,
in the heart of a mother , the love’s and care’s treasure.

A mother is a woman born out of her own mother ,
but eternally lives in the blood of the child further.
A woman who can never be defined even in an epic,
for her child’s goodness she can be as tough as a tepic.



A piece of good news!!

I won 2nd price in a poem writing competetion …n the best part is that the topic was…MOTHERS!!

I will post the poem also…as belated Mothers day to all lovely mothers❀❀

The poem will be…


Round the park!.!.!

Here lives a crazy girl in my neighbourhood,

fulfilling all frienship goals that one practically could.

Our routine is round the park , one hour of walk ,

which basically help us to finish our whole day talk.

Her terrace and my balcony are other destinations,

where we speak about our likes , types and imaginations.

Cycling around in the colony streets and nearby ,

to feel happy and forget all problems and sigh.

Helping each other everyday on calls and at home ,

we have reached to another level of comfort zone.

The bliss is having our houses so very close ,

we can even communicate through the windows.

Each secret shared has a totally different memory ,

our discussions are as serious as parliamentary.

I remember the first time how we talked hesitantly ,

and now we can communicate so very resonantly.

I love our journey from strangers to such good friends ,

and the way now our secrets on each other depends!!


My schedule re arrangement!

I wanted to ask you people that how often should I post?( in a way that u get to read all of them)

Presently I am new.. and in last 15 days I have posted around 6-7 posts everyday…which sum up to be 100 posts in 15 days.

Now I need your suggestion that what should be my posting frequency?

Please do reply and share your thought in the comment section❣

If u want…

If you really want people to love and respect you….

STAND BEHIND them in their success…


WITH THEM in their life’s mess…


A confusion…

At times I feel that all what I know…all what I have….I should just write it out…so that I can always enjoy it in the beauty of words!!πŸ’–

But at the same time…I also feel like that a few memories…a few things should just be treasured in the heart itself and be celebrated only as a FEELINGπŸ’–

Which one do u prefer…what do u think is a better way to carry the beautiful moments?πŸ’›??????πŸ’›?

Some beauties..

You can only feel the beauty of a few things only……




first love is exciting….

last love is comforting…..

but it can be heavenly…..

if your first love itself is the last one!


Round the corner>>

Just like the monster stays near the princess…

when ur struggles gets worst…

believe me your best is waiting for you just round the corner!


Often an EMPTY day can give you complete WHOLENESS!!!


Best feeling…

Even the worst can become better if….



Life is a painting…

Life is a painting…

and I know that we dont have the choice of colours…

but still paint it with whatever colours you have….

Coz that is better than an empty canvas


Just a call away!

We all have some or the other a friend..a cousin…or a relative..who is always there


If you have any such person ever in your life..never lose them….coz they are your string holders…when u lose your own control!!..They can always just sway the stick n your mood changes like a miracle…be grateful to have such aqquaintances!!

Happy or sad…your news is incomplete without there reaction…everytime u r bored..u think of that prsn..if so ..u have a real gem in ur life…value him/her❣

If you have any such gem in your good life…comment down and thank them with loveπŸ’›

What keeps me up??

Few moments unlived….

few places unseen…..

few things unexperianced….

few roads undiscovered….

few colours unrevealed…

few feelings unpercieved….

few miracles unobserved…


All these….. a lights a different flame of beauty and sprinkles a glitter of happiness!!

For me…these things are always a motivation to wait for tomorrow…coz maybe thats the day I might enjoy any one of these!!


An eternal wait for really worth!!


The green trees ,

the buzzing bees,

The blooming flower,

the sun’s power.

The flowing water ,

and my heart’s 4 quater..

All having a new energy ,

a result of my and natur’s synergy!

The mother earth has for you all the bliss,

provided u care for her and not into amiss!


Why to write?!

I dont write because I like writing…

instead I write because…


Jotting down my thoughts , my opinions and my feelings..makes me feel light when I am stressed..and happier when I am happy.

Writing feels like sharing some priceless words..which are a lot more than just wordsπŸ’›…



A blank paper inspires me to write and an inked paper motivates me to write even more!!


I write to feel good


I post to feed good.



You will have to give up the


If you believe in building a LEGACY..

you wont mind leaving LUXURY!!

Remember…if you give up faster …you might reamain coal…

but the strength to bear the pressure and surviving the odds…gradually transforms you into a DIAMONDβ—‡

Real hope

Yess, hope keeps us going,

the world is running on hope..

and one should hope….but not blindly!!


Be positive…hold up hope’s flag…but see if it has the probabilty to stand!!

Because a practical hope will drag you towards the goal and a fictional one will hold you back!!

Then only it can motivate you otherwise it will be a foolish patch which will further stop from doing things..that are in your potential♧

The neverfailing tonic!!!

A mug of coffee….

Never underestimate the power of anything ,
just a mug of coffee can help you resilient like a spring.

It can be swaying sleep ,
(the inability to follow the alarm’s beep),
a hectic day,
or just a low mood let’s say.

A mug of coffe can be a saviour from all these ,
it can bring you back to ease,
all your stress freeze ,
thanks to the coffee’s expertise.

A bad day at work ,
or dealing with a jerk,
I know now you need a perk,
the want of a strong coffee is then your lurk.

It doesnt solve the problem ,
instead just calms your heart’s coloumn.
So take a sip from the mug,
give your strenght a hug,
and be back at your aim,
because now you dont have that stress to tame.

The track of life!

If you want to be in the track of your life…then remember…




is what you really need to live your best!!

try it out!!

When things are all messed up….

sleep with a good mind…

maybe the world you want to be in….

peep in your dreams….???

so this can be a…


from your….


plan …

People say plan it out….

Plan it beforehand…

But i think that we dont hav ethis power to plan things further…u never know what is coming!!

Afterall life happens….u can never be prepared beforehand…all what we can do is to do our best in this momentπŸ’–

What do u think??…what are your views about planning for what will happen later?!

Drop ur idea of planning in the comments!

oh no….

some times…your actions to bring happiness….

have an opposite reaction!!!

I know its difficult!!

but believe me you have the capacity!

A writer….

A writer is lonely or social??

When he is in public…he observes…n drinks every sip and every drop of nature , people and everything around…

And then when he is alone…he compresses the ocean of his knowledge…experiance…feelings…and observations….into one sip and one drop …as a piece of art!!

And then this piece is a true MASTERPIECE❀πŸ’₯

Music to be!

Music for me is like honey on my cake,

for it I can put any and everything at stake.

Music gives your soul a sense of fulfillment,

it can give your upset mood an upliftment.

A singer , composer and others put their life in it,

and this is the reason our mind can survive in it.

The world of music is the most ….most melodious,

the reason today world looks for it is obvious.

What actually music does!?

Why do we feel better after listening to music??

Why is music a go to of so many people??

Does it really help??

You must have observed that we often listen to the music according to our mood.The tune and lyrics which matches our current vibe…and this is the secret.

Everyone feels better to see that he/she is not alone…others have gone through the same phase also…and listening to the song gives us this feel.We listen and connect to the words , to the melody and we then have a sense of unwinding , we feel as if we have being de-stressed.

When we are happy ,we listen to raps and other energetic songs , the vibrations and energy of the artists that is pumped in the song hits us…and we feel further excited!

Music actually has a great power to help and to heal. It is one of the simplest self help that one can opt for when there is an outburst of emotions and mental breakdown!

And if you are happy …then bravo …go on..listen enjoy and be happier!!

A tip!

While writing a poem remember…


and trust me here LESS IS REALLY MORE!πŸ’–

A place where happiness blooms**

My visitors are not people,
instead birds , bees and butterflies.
and the garden feels like heaven ,under the skies.

My investment for this eternal glee,
is just a little effort and lots of love for someone other than me.

The love and warmth of my plants, o boy,
gives me such a lot of joy.

A garden feels like a love land ,
having vibrant smelling flower’s band.

The plants become your family,
you will love the time spend there calmly.

Mantaining a garden of your own,
is also helping the unknown,
It feels like growing the colours of your emotion,
with heartily devotion.

The garden can give shape to your fantasies,
trust me, your garden can be your own masterpiece.

The rose , the lily , the lavender,
their blooming season will be your next awited part of the calender.

The pleasure of garden has ability to mend,
gradually with those plants you will make friend.

You will see, buying different seeds and sapling,
will be the new thoughts in your mind rattling.

Plants understand your feeling,
therefore gardening can be the best way for your healing.

The efforts put in a garden always pay,
coz it a place where you can enjoy your every single day.


What stops you from doing what you want;
 is it really a problem or just an excuse,
 for not putting your effort to use .

Do you really want to do it;
 or just trying to show it;
 because if you really want you can do it.

 If you have a dream and a hope,
 nothing can tie you with a rope ,
and even if it will ,
you will work for your dream to fulfill.

 Nothing can stop you,
 nothing can block you,
 until it’s your own will ,
you will not let any problem to be still.

Β It’s not an easy game,
Β to earn respect and fame;
Β You need to work hard,
Β and stop being a coward.

Don’t worry it’s never too late ,
as God always opens the gate,
 for those who really works and wait.

Problem comes and goes, 
but it’s your effort that shows ,
so now just be brave and bold;
 because you are never too old,
 to achieve a medal of gold.
 And even if you fail ,
that’s not the end of the tale .☺

The first step^

Even the largest of fire starts with a tiny spark!

So why cant a big decision start with a small step.

The spark has to have the power . So start small but determined !

Because what matters is

1. will and not width

2. lionheart and not lenght start!

Look at it this way$$

You will have to look at the problem from a distance to get the bigger picture!!

Being stuck inside and banging your head wont work because then you are seeing just a part of it.

So take a moment and walk away…then think… everyone have a solution for a problem far away!!


Forget that these two words can exist together….bcoz even the teacher selects the best student to manage the difficult tasks!

Similarly believe that GOD has choosen you…as the most able to complete the work and bear the pain…

afterall we know…


And once you have done….then answer urself….that “WHY YOU!”

because you yourself have to answer some of your questions!

So prove yourself to you@)


A tree which is tall is definately quite in touch of ground!!

This is a way of mother nature to teach us that we cannot rise if we are not on ground.

Reach the sky but keep yourself rooted ..coz its then that you grow …from ground to tge sky!!


Red colour might seem the LOVE and PASSION to some.

While to others is might be BLOOD AND DANGER!!

So its one’s life experiances that decide how we see things.

Sometimes the bad incidents are so heavy that under their weight we tend to see negetive all around.


The perfect him has created the perfectly imperfect us!

So accept and embrace yourself because it is perfectly perfect to be imperfect.

Not only our ASSETS but also our FLAWS define us….atlast they are our’s!!

The pillar of lovely nani❀

Its my nani who in all my times with me participate,

its her all the morals and habbits that I inculcate.

All my school meetings , my cooking sessions , story time ,

in all these moments my granny was the prime.

We know each other’s types and like,

actually we both are a lot alike.

Her experiances are a lesson for me ,

she is one who the most adores me.

I have been living with her since i was a child,

she can read my face loud or mild.

The food that she cooks is amazing,

I really appriciate her charm which is blazing.

Her saree is my favorite cushion and headrest ,

she is the real caring and love’s chest.

I drank and ate from her hand ,

and all these memories i have canned!

All these years are for me a blessing ,

and thus with them I m and will be obsessing.

A gift from me to me!

The best gift I have ever recieved is forgiveness from me and to me…

so today give yourself the most invaluable and loving gift,

a gift , a present will will ease your present , heal your past and improve your future.

Forgive yourself for anything and everything …that u feel that you ever did wrong.

Because unless you dont let yourself pass this step can never move further with peace!!

Lets replace!

Instead of vice , having virtue ,

should be a mission new.

Delete stress and install happiness,

or there will be an emptiness.

Be excited instead of anxious ,

coz it can take you to me from us.

Not dull , be bright ,

if you want to reach a height.

Have patience in place of rage ,

if you want to be free from cage.

Be effortless and dont feel burden,

to be infront of the curtain.

Behave politely instead of rude ,

be chill , calm and happy dude.

Once you become more assertive ,

things will automatically be sportive.

So from today one change everyday,

and last your experiance you on your own will say.

An advise!

Dont blindly keep moving in every situation where u r unable to move on….stand still and analyse where are u standing..where u need to go..and why!


Life goes on…so move on…but with a thought..with a plan…with a purpose!!

Coz running without purpose is stupidity!

Let’s start one by one!

All the pain can end,

if in air humanity we blend,

all the cruelty be suspend,

for the wrong let be no defend,

and love for unknown and friend!❀

The feeling of real home!

The true feeling of home does not come from money,

it is the love of the loved ones that makes it like honey.

People think that modern furniture is a house’s necessity ,

but they dont realise the importance of love’s density.

As comfy as mother’s lap ,as peaceful as a flower sap,

the house is designed by the feelings and not by map.

No one can define a universal perfect home ,

coz it is not meant to be a place like Rome.


People are not interested in treating the wounds that are not visibly bleeding!!

But remember….things which cannot be seen have great power…but in this case..the power will just detoriate even if the issue is not being visible..believe that it EXISTS!!

The real problem..

Actually the problem is not a problem but not realizing or accepting that there is a problem…is the main problem!!

Steps to solve a problem

1. Realise that there is a problem

2.Analyse that what is the problem.

3.Accept that this is your problem.

4.Embrace your problem.

And now as we say well started is half done….

The only step left..which now has become easier….is to

5. Solve the problem.


The dropping crystals!

Seeing the falling rain,
is an untold gain.
There are no more frowns,
everyone in eternal joy, drowns.

When the shower of blessings touches ground,
the nature also seems to be crowned.
You never know what each drop,
means to the farmer and his crop.

Have you ever encountered the lucky chance,
to see the beatiful peacocks dance?

The transcedent meeting of earth and heaven,
the sky showing its constituent colours seven.

When the rain falls , the happiness of earth,
is like celebration of God’s rebirth.
You cannot undergo the real joy,
unless you feel the nature enjoy.

The animals ,the land , the lord,
all are tied to rain with an invisible cord.

Every rain brings a new life to land,
which only a nature lover can understand.

The petrichor scent of air,
is a boon that the rain share.
The green grass, the glowing leaf,
gives  your heart a divine relief.

After a rain , even the stone seems new,
but people who can percieve, are very few.
Once you feel it,
you will try to seal it.
This experiance is eternal,
and cannot be defined even in journal.

The lost true kindness!!

Some wants fake charm to gain fame,
some wants to do great and remain same.
Doing good for want of people to admire
or because you really have a desire.

Showing off is the new trend,
to your family and friend.
If you have something be happy not boaster,
coz life can turn like a roller coaster.

Nothing is eternal , everything  will perish,
it is just your good work that people will cherish.
So do good only if your intentions command,
not because  popularity and fame demand.

The true good always in the heart survives,
and not necessarily in the newspaper it arrives.
Nowadays there is a misinterpretion of noble deeds,
it is  defined to be a work that next day, the world reads.

The real reward is gained when the intensions are true,
otherwise there are thousands sitting like me and you.
If you can be happy for someone else,
then be assured that in you,the kindness dwells.

Just try to bring on ones face, a smile,
the god has all the altruism, noted in his file.
Trust me, you will never be sad while making others happy,
automatically you will be able to clean all that which in your life was scrappy.

Remember,one thing that never goes out of fashion,
is the true compassion.
So just go on ,and spread the glee,
and then the change, you yourself will see.


Back then when we learned to plan,
for small party,picnic and event,
we also learned that without a plan ,we would lament.
There would be no fulfillment ,
in any of the segment.

But no one told that its not always what we plan,
because its not just us who can,
so just chill man,
and its ok to not have a plan.

Some things come unexpected,
you might think of pass but it can be rejected,
so bravo , dont be dejected
and prepare yourself to be addicted,
for things coming up ,you havent suspected.

Sometimes things fall into place on their own,
and become your life’s milestone.
Also there will be cyclone,
when you dont have to let your power dethrone,
because the turns of life are well known,
so prepare for the load, your backbone.

Keep in mind ,there’s a god,who doesnt let the sleeping birds fall,
so how can he let you suffer this all.
Maybe once, twice or thrice your plan gets destroyed ,
but dont let your heart be void,
be happy and not annoyed.

Remember, help can be your friend or a stranger,
pleasant day could turn into danger,
bad can become best,
and in god’s hand is the rest.

Plan not always works out,
so it’s ok to be in doubtπŸ˜‰

A beautiful pause for a cause!!

Not always you can continue to run in a race,

sometimes you need to slow down your pace,

to calm and find for yourself a little space,

but be careful because once spoilt , the story of life cannot be erased.

Wish I could sit on a chair,

and the have the beautiful sky to stare.

The gentle blowing air,

wish I could feel it in my hair.

I want to give me some time,

write poems and listen to tingling chime.

Time to do things I love.

observe a tree swaying and a flying dove.

In this world of work not always I want to sit on my work chair,

to do a miracle rare,

but instead to keep my mind clear,

and gather enough strength to fight all my fear.

The aims are not same,

some in competition ,some in a game,

earn their own deserved fame.

If you are not good at something,

there’s nothing of shame,

and never let yourself to blame,

your own self,the same.

When you are not feeling it,

I have for u a simple hack,

just take a break and bounce back.

Somtimes just a little pause,

can help you to figure out the cause.

Not every pause is a fullstop.

So dont hestitate to take a break,

maybe that can help you to make,

a still pillar which usually in your heart shakeπŸ’―

THE MERCHANT OF VENICE …a human thesaurus!!

We can find people like Shylock who have hatred and anger which they can justify;

a few Antonios who in confidence invites the trouble for the friendship they glorify.

So many Bassanio in line who can spend everything they have and get ready to gather ;

a less count of people posing prowess of Portia, and even less to compete the wisdom of her father.

A few have good luck to find a friend like Nerissa -who for all ur breakings can be a tape;

Number of Lorenzo and Jessica ready to escape– finding comfort in each other’s shape.

Many really funny– and now the word funny reminds me only of Launcelot’s silly word cheat;

Β A group of Morocco to risk at look, followed by people like Aragon in whose heart pride beat .

Continuous speech of Gratiano–a common sight of talking heap;

Β Few friends like Salanio, Salarino and others to peep .

Such is the great diverse world around ,

all characters just in one book bound!!