Blessed to have youπŸ’–πŸ’–

What are the things that make you feel special about your friendship?

Our great mantra for great friendship…

No formality…only stupidity.πŸ€—

No hurting…only supporting.πŸ’–

No grief …only mischief.😁

No judging only fun nudging.πŸ˜‰

All talks…long walks..πŸ™Š

Cycling far…brains at par.πŸ€“

A happy birthday wish!!❀

I dont know how to sum up all,
within this small and short poetry wall.

Time for our friendship is not a measure,
we spent our period of study and leisure.

I have lost the counts of rounds we took,
just for one stupid momentary look.

Your motivation for things is so great,
once you know its there, you have no wait.

The topics we talk, has no boundaries,
we’ve created tons of memories.

People dont believe to see solo you or me,
they are so used to see us together as we.

Support you have been to my head,
talking to you arises my senses , dead.

Things have been all a round wheel,
I cant tell what about you I feel.

One day I will say and tell what you should,
by gathering as much courage as I could.

A very very very happy birthday dear …

πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ Anjali πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ

❀Love you loads❀

A day..

Everyday is your day…good or bad …but it is yours!!


Had it not been your day , you wouldn’t have survived to see it my dear!!


Finding for real…

When you try to find things at a wrong place, you can never find the right!!

❀Love in a selfiesh person

πŸ˜‡Happiness in drugs

😌Fulfilment on internet

🌏Peace in hustle

You will end up getting what it is –TOXIC!!

Know what you are looking for…genuinely work for it…understand and then try to get it from the right place!!

Bad memories…here is a recipe for them!!

People say forget the bad memories…but I think they too are memories which should also be relished and chreished!!

It is all about how do you remember them and conclude about it . Dont consider it a pain story…no matter how painful it was!!

For example if it was a fight with someone…or you were being hurt by someone …remember it as how immature you were to choose them and how immature were lose you!!And with a smile hope that you must have grown and a little more mature now!!

If the story is about the worst period of your life..the struggles..the problems…then cherish it as a win war story…because bravo my survived it ! lol…This story will always remind you of your strength…provided you dont associate the bad luck tag with it!

Good memories are good…but the bad ones….they can definately be a source of smile and realization of your growth in the past years!!…

And now you know that there are no bad just how you remember them!Just like picture of the same thing, clicked from two different angles!πŸ˜‰β€

What feeling happy actually is!!

Today I felt things in a different I thought to share what all happens when you…ARE HAPPY!

Feeling really happy doesnt include posting pictures saying “good vibes ” or ” feeling happy “!!

When you really feel happy you actually dont think about being happy just unconsiously think about things that will make you happier.

It is a feeling which cannot be exactly explained..but yeah…I have taken the risk by putting the now here is my best words describing…

1. Your heart is just too happy to be upset at petty things

2. You will feel like calling your friend maybe randomly to share your happiness or think about other good things and secrets you share!

3. You will do things that you were missing out which will make you feel even better.

4. You will look at the bright side of things that are not so positive and accept them calmly.

And as I told you earlier…its a feeling..(.an abstract noun…lol)..

You might do other pretty things as well but make sure you are really happy!!


Hii all!

I recently took part in a contest of witty comments.

I made a comment on the voting system of India…click on the and vote if you agree!!

It would be really great if you all could just vote at the link given above.

It is a simple procedure , just enter your phone number and enter the otp.

Thats it!!

And I will get a vote.

Please do vote 🧑

An important word!!

Hi all….today I will introduce many of you to a word that you might not be knowing and thus creating a lot of pressure on yourself…πŸ–€

So without a further delay..I will tell you the word …and the word is —


Yes thats it…it is really a word…n you should use it at times…it is really important to say NO to others for the sake of your own self…dont be so harsh on need need ur assertion and you need happiness…so go on..if its a no…then say it!!..No hesitations!


Becausr its not wrong to take a stand for yourself!!πŸ’š

And trust me you are worth it…πŸ’œ

Sometimes it is really necessary to say no to people and things in order to say yes for the things and people that matters !! And dont forget to say yes to yourself…it is the best act of kindness that you can show to your soul..your heart!! πŸ’–

Let others think what they assume…keep it simple ..

Be real practical

And say NO if needed!!

No pressure!! No stress!!πŸ’™

I know you dont want others to be cannot turn down others …you are a gem at heart…but dont forget about yourself..πŸ’›

It is really important to say NO to others at times.!!

What else has COVID brought to us??

The whole world is aware of the the things given to us by covid…cold, cough, fever, restrictions , panic and death!!

But my has given us a lot more..which is under the shadow…πŸ–€πŸ–€

FRONTLINE WORKERS…who constantly fought with their own lives for the sake of ours….We finally got a reason to be grateful to such great noble heroes…who are not featured in movies and shows!!!✴✴

And now the rest …who are sitting here..if you havent had corona ….be thankful for that..and if you had then be thankful for being still here to able to be thankful!!πŸ’™πŸ’™

Many hard realizations struck during this period…we realized how was our life running ahead of us…but when we took a pause ..the life also stood for us…the family time or me time…or whatever time…it could have been the darkest time of your life…fighting in isolations…but still it must have taught you something!! And if you were a fool to learn nothing…still it taught you to follow the rules!!πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

When last year..the whole world sat and prayed..we were united as we were praying for corona to vanish from the earth..and this way we all prayed for the good of all!πŸ™πŸ™

It must have been a long time …since people discovered their hobbies..and took time for feeling happy and not for looking happy!!🀑🀑

Sometimes an abrupt break might end up being a peaceful hiatus.🌻🌻

Sorry for all your losses , but nothing in this world is absolutely bad. Try to find the silver lining which went unnoticed.😌😌

For me , the lockdown changed my life. I realized what I was going to do might haved landed me in the gravest situation. Although presently fighting for it, is a task in itself. But still no pains , no gains. 🍁🍁


Said something , heard something,

said good , heard bad,

a lot of misunderstandings stacked,

for years no talk we had.

Be it doubt or misunderstanding,

clearing is it’s demanding,

and this is really important,

to avoid any more of discordant.

About any rift, an assumption

is as harmful as poison consumption,

it will make your relationship dead,

possibly without any bad done or said.

Without letting the person to proove,

dont let things settle in your groove.

Try that the things get sort,

before the love in the relationship abort.

Communicate,as its the only way out,

to feel better when you are in doubt ,

rather carrying the weight throughout,

try atleast once to bout,

as thats the only way out.

Realtionships take a lot to cherish ,

but just one misunderstanding to perish.

so atleast make some efforts to hold,

before the warmth of love becomes cold.

Although in love ,there is no wrong or right ,

no matter what , you hold on tight,

but sometimes we go on the wrong way,

and just focus on what someone else say.

And then the kinships end,

no matter it was parent, love or friend.πŸ™


Does anyone have the power,

 to define who they are??

 Will it always remain the same;

 or you will have a person to blame.

Whenever a person changes his hue;

 he has a reason maybe false or even true.

 People who remains same are very few.

 Let’s leave people and come to situation ;

can you even give for it any apt definition??

 Everything changes and nothing is forever;

Β so before changing anything or anyone, just be clever .

Either its closure of your heart or opening of eyes;

remember ,the old one will never return in your life .

Never judge anything by its definition ;

cause it totally depends on situation.

Β The law of nature is to change;

and it does not have any given range.

A positive change should be followed;

But thought for negetive should be swallowed.

Cause ,event and consequence doesn’t matter;

 cause once broken is called shatter;

 and once joined is called gather .

Change is never same;

and it is not easy to mantain;

Sometimes it helps you sustain;

but sometimes it gives a lot of pain.

Some changes are fine ;

But some take away your shine.

So before changing just think;

That its not making you sink.πŸ™‚

I dont know what!.

Sometimes during the happiest moments of your life brutal realizations hit which can leave you devastated.

While sometimes when you think about problems and probably overthink, it happens.

I always say….never deny a fact. Just accept it.

Avoiding the truth is never a way out.

You never know what you need for a realization to dawn upon you. All I am trying to say here is be open. Be open for everything and everytime.

Life has no timeline. It happens whenever it feels like. Now its you who has to gather the events and arrange them , so it “seems” organised.

You will never be asked for or told about what will happen. At most you will only be warned about what “might happen.” But “what if ” it doesnt go the way you were made aware of?? Will it all end there??

Why dont we dare to take risk and find out what would happen if what might happen doesnt happen??

Complex right?

Anyway , its always upto you , what you want to do. I am just telling you that dont stop yourself all the time because you are afraid of what might happen.

At times it okay to explore , to break rules , to do things you really really really want.

Even if you have realised it late , but you are still breathing, aren’t you??

Big deal. Better late than never.

Sometimes you really need to loosen up things for a change. You should never get too comfortable being rigid.

I dont know how many topics are mixed in here. But yeah, this was all that my mind was shouting today.

You can see my confusion in the title itselfπŸ˜…


When things are not in your hands..

when you don’t have a choice..

its better to simply do, what you can!!

Then wait and be calm..

things might be very heavy..

but remember every problem itself is the proof that the solution exists!!


If you guyss have been reading my posts…you must be familiar with my believe in accepting the situatuons…the problems…and everything around us!!

But the question is that we all know this but still don’t follow it …why?

Ever wondered???

Today I was sitting in my open balcony which has all the plants and surrounded by trees where I can feel the cool air after rain..the sweet transcend smell of the holy soil .Now this is the background which made me think about the so called a big question for me…that why we don’t simply accept.

And the answer is just one line.


What according to you makes things difficult to be accepted??

And for me nature is the biggest source of inspiration to learn the lesson of acceptanceπŸ’–

Thinking your life as all roses….will hurt you when the thorns arrive…but otherwise..the roses will simply surprise youπŸ’›

Accepting is just agreeing what things really are!!

Then why do we need to live in denial when we know the truth!

learn to..

Learn to accept things…

because denying them ,

won’t change the fact!




When you cannot see peace coming

Simply start moving towards peace!!

It means when its hard to find the calm…them just be calm.

Avoid rage ..avoid arguments ..avoid any unimportant stuff .. and settle for peace. Your mind needs it buddy…IT IS A NECESSITY!!

Nothing is comparable to a calm mind!! Trust me..half of your problems and issues will be solved here only!

No matter what all you get…but if you give up your mental peace for it…Sorry to isn’t a smart deal dear. There is no price for it is an ultimate thing which will help u to grow n be better throughout!! SO DONT ALLOW ANYONE OR ANYTHING TO TAKE IT AWAY … After all ….peace is the path!!..and the only path!!

Protect your peace!!❀

Have a peaceful day!!❀

For u my sleepless friend//

Searching for the sleep during sleepless nights…in the dark sleepy lanes??….

This is not the way out my dear!!

Instead pack your stress and take your mood to the happy roads…the fun street chill … be calm…and then the sleep will come calling you!!!

Those dark eyes…the tired head is missing the sleep so badly….and trust me even the sleep is waiting for you to embrace it…

Your heart needs it but mind disagrees…

So just take a moment …breathe….and let the problems , fears , anger all dissapear for atleast a second….dream the day when you enjoyed a journey…the day you recieved the best birthday gift ….the day you were out with your friends and family!!

And in these lovely memories, when comes the sleep , you won’t realise…but will thank me the next beautiful morning for sure!πŸ’–

Good night.πŸ’›

Happy sleep.πŸ’›

Sweet dreams.πŸ’›

A little appreciation!

In some situations just surviving through it is a victory itself!!

Feel proud to pass…no medals and certificates are required to prove your strength and patience…your life is a living proof of it!!

Because many a times it is much easier to die…but extremely difficult to live!!

And if you are here…Hurray you are rocking it champ…as living is not what all can afford!!

Stick to it..keep going on..take breaks..cry…laugh…sit …dance…do whatever you want..but go on!! Because you never know what is waiting for you… make all this worth it!!

You are already doing the best you be proud.

Remember…You are the BEST …..the way YOU ARE!!

And always believe…


Leave it then!!

My dear I know you are aboard on something!

Let me guess…?!

Isnt it a train of thoughts that is not reaching any station since long…and not even expected to ..ever???

Am I right??

Then just leave it no…and take a boat of bliss to row in the river of mesmerizing memories…when you had no such stressed out situations!!

And then you might reach to an ocean of solution!

Where to find?!

  • Now lets talk what actually is happiness? Is it travelling in flights , in class business?
  • Owning a big bunglow ,Β a long car, Or having richest people at par?
  • No this is not hapiness, not at all! why do we keep it behind such wall?
  • Athough we can experiance it all the time, be it playing music or the tingling of wind chime.
  • Some people are happy everywhere , as they try find joy here and there.
  • Even when the rays of rising sun fall, whenΒ a mother sees newborn crawl,
  • when a teacher sees a student suceed, when a father sees his child in life proceed.
  • A gardener is happy to see the flowers bloom, a child is happy to get his/her new room.
  • A musician is happy to play a new note, a writer is happy to read the story he wrote!
  • Happiness for all cannot be defined, for some raw and for some refined.
  • Feel little things , listen the bird sings, and then see what happiness it brings.
  • Dont keep happiness on such high rack, always try to keep feeling it back to back.
  • Happiness makes your life going easy, whereas stress will definately drive you crazy.
  • So be happy and spread happiness like cheese, because it will always keep you at ease.
  • Its inside , its outside, happiness is just beside.
  • The only thing is to recognise , as happiness comes in all size.
  • No matter small , medium or large, happiness will keep you charge.
  • Dont die before your death, enjoy your every breath.
  • So dont let your life collect rust, and for this happiness is must!πŸ˜‡

The trend of “ME TIME”

“Its my me time…I am focussing on myself, taking care of myself!”

This sentence has become quite common these days. Because now people dont love what they do and usually dont have time to do what they actually love!!

This is the reason we have to tag a special time as ME do a few simple things which makes us happy…which helps us to realise who we are and what we want…its like you charge your phone when discharged..the same way you fill in yourself the vibes of intresting things to be cheerful that you can continue to do your chores in this silly running life!!

Playing guitar, learning a new language, reading a book or any of the self care things in these days are much more than what it seems to be!!

Because it is the only time when a person realises his/her existance as a person and not as an athelete who is running in the stupid rat race!!

Slow down before you pass.πŸ–€

This is the reason why most of us are often exhausted and tired of living!

This so called “me time” can be a small initiative to treat your self and cherish little things to be more happy and fresh❣

But I guess we should lead a life where it is all about a ME LIFE…and not where we have to struggle each day to find a free hour for ourself!!

Love your entire life and not just an hour of it!πŸ’›

I believe in…

If you people have read my earlier posts , you must be aware of my believe in having a little land of imagination in my mind , dreams and dairy.

So what if life have thorns….grow your own flowerbed in your head!!

Many people think that it is useless , a wastage of time and a baseless practise.

It may be for them , agreed. Because not everyone is going through the same and handling situations in the same way. Everyone have their own uique way , to cope with life. Some find the escape in collecting coins, stamps, pictures and stuff while others flow in the river of art. And some just take a nap. And all of these ways are perfect for their respective owners.

In a similar way, I like imagining my fantasies , my world and my land. It helps be being in a happy place. It tells me that good things do exists , maybe not exactly same but yes they do!

It gives me a break , a much needed one. When I am really tired of everything and everyone , it is the best thing that actually helps me to be back and again prove that yes I can keep moving on!

I sit in the balcony or in my garden with the music on. Then I start thinking about the good things , converse with my own self and find out all thats bothering and then imagine the brighter side of things. Sometimes I just rethink about my dreams or the good moments that I really cherish.

All this provides me a lot of moisturizer to nourish my mind and mood. And this a real important task for me , because I know that I have to jump back in the battle field. Not necessarily to win , but atleast to survive.

What are your ways to give yourself a tender touch of tranquility!??

Waiting for your views and ways in the comment box below.

My alltime buddyπŸ’›

From school to coaching amd coaching to shop,

I had with me, a friend to run,walk and hop.

We were together in school, classes and on the way,

already we knew how was each other’s day.

She was just another person who was a replica of me,

me being sad was one thing that she could not see.

Reaching a little late and assingments not done,

even the scoldings together seemed too much fun.

A new mischief everday , examining things on the way,

we were always found together April , March or May.

The code words and the neveresnding secret talk,

I still cherish our long roadside evening fun walk.

For my whole life , I will definately miss her and all her trait,

Although daily after the sessions , for her I had to wait.

Her smile could manage almost all the problems,

she is in my life a tree full of beautiful blossoms!

Dedicated to VARNIKA❀

Better be inspired before you start comparing!

Inspired or Compared?!

What is the reason that you are moving ahead in a particular direction??

Often people take it in a wrong way , you keep comparing yourself and try to become someone esle. But this isnt inspiration.

Inspiration is when you do something because you like doing something which someone did exceptinally well. While when you try to do things only because the other person did it well , it is blind rat race.

Being inspired , keeps you up, to be better.

But comparing , forces you to be someone else.

There is a very fine line between these two things but the results are often opposite. One gives you wings to fly , while the other drag the tied you!!

Inspiration drives you forward. Comparison pulls you backward.

Inspiration fills you up. Comparison empties you.

Inspiration fills in you optimism , hope, strength, admiration, self love and a desire to improve and be a better you.

While comparision will simply drain away all your confidence, self esteem, peace, potential , capability and YOU!

Inspiration will fuel you and comparison will exhaust you!!

So be wise while choosing. Be careful, that is that person your inspiration or a validation bar!!

Because you can never feel good about yourself if you compare yourself with someone else!

What it takes?

Helping people in little ways..

What do you get?

Smile on other’s face.😊

Happiness in other’s heart.πŸ’–

Relief on other’s mind.πŸ˜‡


Goodness in YOU!!🌟🌈

The smile , the happiness and the relief might be temporary.

But the goodness you gain, is forever. β™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύβ™Ύ

A special place in someone’s heart and story.

A face smiling because of you , a heart happy because of you and a relieved mind because of you.🌟

What else can be a better contribution to make earth a better place to live!πŸ’™

You get a step closer to GOD , for being an angel in someone’s hell!

Spread loveπŸ’Ÿ , be kind✴

Be a star in someone else’s dark night sky.

Afterall there is no measuring scale to help. Do as much, you can.



This was a short post to remind everyone to be kind to known and strangers.

Kindness is a bliss.πŸ’–

Experiance it.πŸ’–

Enjoy it.πŸ’–

What comes to your mind?

As usual I wrote a small blog for posting….but then I thought why not to do something different!?..

As we all know everyone thinks differently based on their experiances , their life , their fantasy and their own world.So I have fun way to peep into other’s imaginations.

I will post one sentence..and whatever comes to your mind after reading that..please make that addition.

I am eagerly waiting to welcome your wonderful a sentence , a story or anything that you want!!

The sentence is ::—


Please make your addition in the comment section!

Grind of Great Minds!πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

1. β€œThe less you respond to negative people, the more powerful your life will become.”


2. β€œYou have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be. It’s their mistake, not my failing.”

~ Richard P. Feynman

3. β€œBe who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

~Dr. Seuss

4. β€œYour time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

~Steve Jobs

5. β€œGreat spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

~ Albert Einstein

Dealing with difficult people!@mostlysane

Often we meet and deal with people who are extremely rigid and a day spoiler. And you end up arguing with them without realising how much these banters affect your mind.

You can save your whole day just by knowing the right thing to do.

So here’s a quick tip to help you deal with them!-)

1. Actually it is much better to ignore the people who are difficult to deal with rather arguing with them.

You keep on explaining them , keep on convincing them and they will stick to a point and keep on cracking your head. So it is better to leave them with their misconception, their points….and simply move away with your peace.

Somethings are meant to be as they are.

Dont let them affect your mental state. You can never make everything right but what you can do is to make your mind calm and peaceful because it is the only place you are responsible for.

2. You never know that how has been their day , what is there mood so just don’t get into it. Let it be.

Conserve your energy , conserve your time.

And most imporatantly Protect your Peace .

Let not others change your vibe. I know its a little difficult practise in the beginning , but once you are in a habbit of this , trust me you will thank the heavens for this change.

Because this is something which can totally change your day and for that matter your whole life. You will always be out of the petty issues and you mind can relax. This is THE BEST trick to keep your happy place , happy.!

Your mind , your brain is more important than anyone else’s opinion , believes , vaidation and stuff. Be kind to yourself and just let those people go off the screen. Be happy and maintain it by avoiding such people.

3. And yes, never be rude to these DIFFICULT PEOPLE…otherwise things will go the harder way. Move on with a smile. Let things end on a soft note instead of a bang!!

A smile can really do miracles. Just smile and you will know the power of it.

What a smile can win , an argument will never get it!! There is always a chance of losing the argument but with a smile , you always win……..peace for yourself and a good vibe for your day!!

So be a well wisher of your own self , and each time you find such people , tell your brain Chill buddy….nothing bothering us!!

P.s.- Mostlysane.❀

In the journey…

In the journey of constantly changing someone….

you might lose that real person forever!


And you will never be able to find out that where you left her true heart behind and started walking with a dead wrapped soul!!

Be there, a little longer.

Sometimes everything that exists becomes nothing…while the things that actually are nothing surrounds u make make u feel deviod of everything.

And it is often not in our hands to convince our heart because our burdened mind has already told us that no..we arent worth it..or for that matter anything.

In these situation I dont know how to win over our own self but yeass…I know that we can atleast fight and try to be strong for a little longer. No doubt , you have been a wall of brick lately and now you are at the verge of giving up. But buddy please be strong , stand bold . Its not too far.

And you can do this all way better if you have accepted yourself, your flaws, your asessts and the situation. Because the truth remains the same even if you deny it.So start with accepting and stop after achieving. Yes ofcourse a lot of courage , battles , heartbreaks , lost maches and everything will be on your way. But remember you are also there to win over these.

I agree breakdowns are inevitable , but what matters is that you pick up the pieces again, join them and build your fort again. You just have to work 1 time more for success than the number of times you end up failing.

And failing actually is :

F – find way further

A – accomplishment near

I – improve next time

L – learn a little better

I – illumination begins

N – nurturing in progress

G – growth confirmed

So if you failed , be proud and say infront of everyone “Atleast I tried!”

On your path of success -Be Strong. Be Resistant.

Be what you are – THE BEST!!

You will someday agree to it!!

Life is simple… but keeping it so… is difficult!!


I know, one day after long years of fighting with the complexities of life, we all will definately agree to it one day.

The day you realise the “real priorities” and focus on your own self, life will seem really simple. Because it is often us who assume , try to impress , seek validation, do stunts and ultimately make a total mess of our life.

Once all these unnecessary stuff is removed there will a whole lot of space for peace and simplicity.

When nothing outside matters , the inside gets highlighted in form of wisdom , patience , love and better understanding.


Death without dying..!?
you must be thinking, I am lying.

But how do I tell you,
that its really true,
the dreadful thoughts out of the blue.

Something’s eating me up,
still when someone asks me ssup?
I reply with happiness pumped up,
and do cheer with the cup.

Its been long ,hiding all inside,
because I just cannot decide,
that whom to trust, and sit beside,
and speak all that is in my heart abide.

The thudding in the already heavy heart of mine,
is taking away far all my face and life’s shine,
I am not happy whether IΒ  sit to study or to dine,
I can just say that I need a help from the divine.

People think it to be just a matter of thought,Β 
but they dont know that it really hurts a lot,
for me now real happiness is very costly bought,
which I definately cannot even think to afford.

Life seems to be a burden,
things feel very uncertain,
at the back of the curtain.

Your task is to avoid almost all the people,
no matter, you have to climb the steeple.

You become a world class mason,
building walls for your private station,
believing to never attain salvation.
in negetive way goes all ur derivation.

The words,the hurts,
the cuts ,the wounds
the thoughts of being doomed.
The blames,the shames,
the broken trusts and the baloon of patience bursts.
the patience ends,
the emotion it sends,
and the pain it blends,
can never be felt,
unless personally dealt.
Just know this all, it isn’t any easy,
it can drive one all mad and crazy.

Not only climbers need support!!

Not all problems need to be solved, but shared,

just the person with it should be a little cared,

but has there been someone who even dared,

to help person in need to get and be repaired.

Unless we think its the dead end,

unless the person is totally bend,

we dont anyway bother to mend,

the problems of our child or friend.

Its high time,believe issue that can’t be seen,

so just dont even unknowingly act any mean ,

and try to help these people to atleast clean,

the huge heap of mess on their mental screen.

Simply tell them to,

Jott their hard poignant feelings down,

but dont settle anyway with that frown.

Meet the people around or be a clown,

but save your hearts before it drown.

There are many heavy hearts drowned deep,

eventhough we have the place for it to keep.

The journey will definately be a lot steep,

so prepare yourself to be strong and do weep.

Crying doesnt make you fragile,

it can be your own style,

to deal with your joy’s exile,

to walk one more mile.

Lets smile** up things!!

The dark days , the dull nights ,

dont let our minds be quiet.

Often with ourselves we fight ,

to know the wrong and the right.

We hold on the emotions too tight,

that atlast we fall like a cut kite.

So somtimes let go of things for a while,

coz life is too short to be fragile,

and its not possible to live under a pile,

therefore from now on go on with a smile.

These days…

The silence has started screaming, The words have become mute.

Alone , I am talking the most, And crowd is a lonely ghost.

Darkness is now right, hiding self from light.

Flying in the vaccum , but always drowning in the air.

Friends with none, and stranger to the known.

The heart sinks deep somewhere , the mind flies away everywhere.

Hiding the truth from around, and the is heart is secrets abound.

The weight is increasing, and fulfilment decreasing.

But …..This too shall pass!


To some special people!!

To some even your best words dont suffice,
but some get it by your plain face precise.        
Just thinking about them, makes your day,    
to explain them, there is no need to say.        
Having these people beside is a bliss,           
writing on these, is what I cannot resist.

None other but the only one she,                                           
one who no matter what, is always there with me.
What she says really helps me, to keep it all good ,
after a talk I feel much better than earlier I could.

The power of words, the winsome look of love,
is to heart a help and gives peace of dove.
Where all the adjectives of affection totally ends,
all her traits of fondness,there transcends.
Without even a piece of any type of confer,
she and I, both know its just her and all her.

Remember , if you have any such soul, trust me , you have got a gem!!

Preserve Them!


Teacher is placed above the Lord,
one who shows pen is above sword.
Every child owes a lot to a teacher,
for polishing their life’s procedure.

Nothing is comparable to their great task ,
every success story has a teacher if you ask.
The future of nation is build by these creators ,
whom everyone thanks one day, a little later.

Not a day, but a whole life is less,
for each one of us to confess.
The honour , the love and the respect ,
for the qualities and glory they reflect.

Teachers day is one more such a normal day ,
when we have this great oppertunity to say,
a big heartlfelt thanks to the first influencer,
without whom we cant think what could we were.

❀BE U❀

There is nothing good about fitting in , but definately great in shinning unique.

Be who you are and the world will adjust.

Let not the so called tradition of “normalcy” stop you from being you. Just be weird , be random but be who you are!!

You are a person not a freaking hospitality lounge!! No burden of making everone comfortable. Simply be your real , the imperfect self.

You are enough just as you are. Embrace your flaws!!

Own who you are , because if you dont be yourself , who will be!?

Just define youself with one word… “”THE ORIGINAL ME””

BE YOU because you are the ONLY ONE OF YOUR KIND!!

Tip of the iceberg!

I think when u are dealing with a lot…people just see the tip of the iceberg..

Hold on ..I will explain it to u..definately….Now this means..when u are drowning deep..ppl see the tip ..that is noticing u to be irritable..that u r being impatient…u are losing temper…

No one cares to look deep down inside know what the whole of it looks like..and trust me..I know this very well that how irritating it feels!!

It seems that ppl are concerned abt the little things and ignore the major root problems..they see the changes that disturbs them…n hardly anyone dares to jump in the ocean to help u come out of it!!

It is really annoying to explain them that u r not being impatient…but instead u have already exhausted ur tons of patience n peace!!…n now u can bear with it no more!!

So dont judge anyone based on his / her temper…coz u dont know the backstory to it..

No one …absolutely no one in this whole universe can understand other person completely….all wht one can do is to realate at specific places..n that doesnt give u the complete idea of what is right and what is wrong being in that person’s shoe!

So be kind to everone..u never know what thr other prsn is going through!!..

Try to be an open space for everyone where they can come n relax..n eventually…the whole world would be a comforting place!..Maybe!

What art is??

Art is a little window from where we can peep into a vast land of








and freedom from this tedious world❣


A green leaf shows the beauty of life.

A dry leaf shows the burden of the life.

But each has its own identity..

Life is both bliss and burden..

Blush with it…and bear it..

coz it is made this way…

N u cannot have just one season..

Its all abt the change…which shud be accepted…it…is!!

Invest in the right

Stop wasting your time and energy in explaining yourself to others…instead use all of it in understanding your own self.

Because you your self should be the place where you invest all your mind and power. No one else will matter to you after a given period of time , but you , you have to be there with you and for you…forever.

One cannot be exactly what other person is..each one of us are moulded diffrently by our different upbringing , life experiances , surroundings , mindsets and stuff. No two people can be same…even the siblings…friends or stop comparing…stop explaining..stop worrying.

We all have different starting points…different hurdles and even different focus on completing your race..and dont bother that who is ahead of you!

Simply be proud of yourself!!

The real reality!!

People say that the life these days is very easy. We have all the gadgets ..machines.. facilities n all to do our work..n all we have to do is a click. Okay..I agree that it might have bcom easier on the physical level..but on the emotional (mental) level… everyone is tired…

Each person around struggling to be be at peace. People are all restless..fidgeting and in doubts. Satisfaction is something which is extremely rare to find now. No relax.. nothing…all are in a hurry to reach at a place they themselves dont know if they would cherish or not.

The lives of children ..which was considered the most carefree and easy going period of life has also changed its face. Now the children are also facing the brutal problems…competition in studies…extreme peer pressure.. complexes and stuff.

Absolutely no one is leading an easy life!! Each person is having their own moutain of problems…with no solution. The ppl now fake being happy to their own self..chill and all are just little ways to fool ur own self that u are doing good..but trust me this wont help..n u can clearly see…everyone is battling with their own heart and mind!

Life is not easier these days…it just seems so….bcoz afterall life also uses the filters now to look what it is not!!..Nothing is really real in the world is all show off..either for good or bad..and sometimes to calm down ur complexities!!

Anyway..all we can do is to be be real atleast with ourselves!! N this will definately remove a lot of weight and give us more freedom from all the shit going on..!!

The best of all…

A singer never releases the song unless he knows that this is his best.

An actor never stops the take unless he knows he acted out his best.

A painter never shows the painting unless satisfied with its aptness.

In the same way ….


And no one can challenge the best of this creator. The best doesnt mean the absence of flaws but the perfect combination of assests and flaws , in a way that they compliment each other.

You just have to find it out. Never doubt yourself and the Lord. Because even the best that we know is created by him. Its just that we find others assests more useful than ours…but it is not at all like this….you never know what really is good..becausr virtues dont have a rank…good means good….and honestly this is what makes you YOUnique!

And everyone always have a bunch of people to love them deeply just as they are…no changes!! Its all about when you find them!

Trust me …you are the only thing worth investing your whole life for!!

You are one of the Lord’s masterpiece! And I am sure that you will proove this one day.

Hold on dear…push things…pull whatever..but make a difference each day…try to do something good for yourself atleast and then for others.

Remember baby steps also counts!

My interpretation of “KEEP MOVING”///

This is one of the most common and famous inspirational quote that anyone and everyone can tell you…

KEEP MOVING…but have you ever thought that what does it actually means??

Because just moving without understanding what it means….might stop you at a level forever…which you can overcome…if you know that what actually KEEP MOVING means.

Ok now suppose you are moving on a path to your dream destination….and you have a sack of promblems..

In this situation you have 3 options–

1. Move with the sack…dragging it.

2. Solve the problems and then move on.

3. Leave the path and destiny there.

And for me if you dont opt for the 3rd option..that means you are moving…and you dont need to follow the first one!!

People often misinterpret moving on…as moving blindly to your wanted place..but dont you think that this would make the journey unwanted!???…And if the journey is unwanted ..even of you reach the wanted destination…you wont cherish it…instead you will only crib for the difficulties in the journey you had….

And I think that ” keep moving ” should aim at making the journey to the wanted place also wanted….you should be excited for the journey as well to that hieght…and not only the destination.

So I think keep moving do allow you to slow down when needed….even to stop and take breaks …to solve and reduce the weight of problems….

Because moving on and on …..dragging the problems will make you and your way miserable….which is not ok for me!!!

Afterall…its a long journey…Unknown and unexperianced….so why not to make it happily memorable….so that your war story shows courage…and not disappointment.

Consistency 2.0

Ofcourse being disciplined and punctual is what defines your success and helps you reach faster but …

Remember we are humans….and so it is natural that we can never be as perfect and consistant as a robot.Dont be disheartened if u fail at being regular.

We often need our breaks…our pause…we need our slow moments when we are bored..tired or not excited abt the things. And its perfectly alright…it okay to rest..not always you can be on the track.

So dont be too harsh on urself…sometimes all we need to be disciplined again is a little time…to rejenuvate…to be lazy . But we must make sure that we are back and then become the champs of our work and win it all over this time…n the time is not defined …keep trying!

Slow down..even stop…but never end!!

P.S – Offshore Writings


Its in your hand if you want to….

Run towards…


Run back!!

but remember one thing…

HAPPINESS LIES AHEAD!!! (maybe in a different direction)


What’s inside!

Like her for her heart or disguise her face,

but not everyone is running in the same race.

Painting or brushing the face,

wont give your heart any extra grace

all the beauty in the face we find,

and forget the heart behind.

All that glitters is not gold,

we all know the saying true and old ,

still we dont stand with it bold,

and at last choose what shines as gold.

We find all the love sold,

for one who external beauty behold.

Its the soul inside,that actually decide ,

whether you are wrong or right.

Everyone has a different definition for beauty in this world,

for some its the white skin sharp nose and hairs curled.

No song or peom judges the looks of the lyricist,

no invention sees the colour of scientist,

yet they are as perfect,

on the looks they dont suspect.

Just ignore what people says and live your life to the fullest,

as acceptance is something which from everyone you cannot expect.

A happy agreement from everyone,

is as impossible as a blue sun.

So if you have accepted yourself,

its a battle you have already won.

Cut the threads of what people will say 

because it will pull you down everday.

So open your wings and fly high,

and remember you have your own sky!

At last i would say

dont try to look better,

instead stive to be better!!

What is prayer?!

Prayer is a beautiful conversation between YOU and your SUPREME BELIEVE …..which further makes you believe that YES..THIS CAN HAPPEN!!

It is an act of self love , self assurance and self believe. Praying helps…it helps a lot …provided it is from the heart!!

It connects u to the positive pillar…it surround u with an energy and good vibes. It calms ur mind and soothes ur heart. It is a pacific gesture for ur body and soul.


When you break ;

your world shake ;

to trust is a risk you don’t take ;

because now everyone for you is fake.

Β You show extreme power to bear;

Β but at last you still shed tear;

 which like your heart is really clear .

Now you don’t believe in the believing someone;

 with doubt in your heart you see everyone.

 If it was an unworthy friend,

Β with tears you are drenched ;

you don’t know how it came to an end ,

your long talks sitting on a bench.

There can be hole even in the strong , thick wall of brick;

then why not in your tender heart will the needle of mistrust prick.

 You don’t want to open that chapter again in your life ;

because you know that only you who can help you survive.

 People have their own selfish reason;

 to change again with the season .

But still they taught you something —-

what ?–

to find in yourself your everything.πŸ’”


Motivation might be a myth…but demotivation hits hard my dear!!

So if you cannot motivate someone…its okay..perfectly fine….but never ever demotivate someone even unknowingly…because you never know how harsh it could be..and what might be the consequence!!

When you motivate …you prepare a base for another pillar….but when you demotivate…you are actually destroying the existing pillar!!

Be constructive…not destructive!!

The true…truth sisters))

The two little cute twin sisters,
in which tears dwell, happiness glisters.
One who never speak lies,
are your lovely eyes.

Every poet, every lyricist ,
tries to bring in the song, a twist.
But after the long research ends,
its the beauty of the eyes that trends,
to remove the line about eyes is a real grind,
coz without them, even the poem feels blind.

The kajal, mascara and the liner,
are for emotion in them look finer.
Beauty in eyes are of different kind,
some in large while some in blue find.

A child in his eyes has innocence dwelling in it,
which one finds difficult to stop himself from felling for it.
A mother has a store of care,
while father shows what is fair.
A lover in the eyes of his love,
find peace as symbolised in a dove.
A cute wynk,
can make his heart sink.
The eyes of an officer shows utter dedication,
actually eyes are the mirror of your imagination.

Eyes are the windows to peep,
all the feelings throgh it seep,
its difficult for eyes to keep,
the sentiments of your heart deep.

Actually the eyes sees what is outside,
but shows what is inside.


Sometimes when I look back;

Β I see memories filling up the rack.

A sad tune a happy note;

 and that’s how I rowed my boat.

 But it was never too easy,

 to live with people so good and crazy ,

some were sad some were bad,

some were active some were lazy,

Β that’s why it was not that easy.

If you hear my life ,

you will see comedy horror and tragic;

 at times you will feel a grip of magic.

 I wish all the people were here;

 to relieve the moment we share .

The stars in my life were in cluster;

 the story of my life is nothing less than a blockbuster .

When my mood was low;

 some people acted like the rainbow ;

in the garden of my life they could sow ,

the seed that could make me happy and aglow.

Some gave me surprise some gave me shock ;

but all of them for me in life were a rock;

 they give me support and stillness;

 and filled my life with happiness.

Thats my life, short n cute;

Sometimes loud, sometimes mute!😁

A. group.forever

Sharing lunch to problems!

Completing others assingments to statements!

Fighting among each other to fighting for each other!

Our freindship grew…

One good in cooking,

the other in make up.

Third is superb in designing,

and the fourth in writing.

The last champions the studies,

And the heart of all the buddies.

Such has been my school girl gang,

Each knew their own way to bang.

Picnics , parties and get together ,

we enjoyed all with complete pleasure.

All the love in my epic group prevails,

each time all had their own new tales!!


Just because))))

Just because you got it without paying…dont assume it doesnt have any value!!

Maybe you got it because u couldnt have been able to pay the price which is worth it!!

So learn to value!



Backing out doesn’t always mean you are going backk….

but some times its just that…

you have figured out a different destination and a path for yourself!❀

My heart thinks!!

Sometimes being strong is the only choice u r left with.

Although u r not ready for it and sitting unprepared…but life often gives u no other option but to be strong!

see this..and..say this!!

When your friend succeeds…be proud and say…she is my friend.


when your friend is in need…be proud and say…I am her friend.

#Friendship not restricted to just one day🌞


#Friends for life❀

A desperate wait!

When we dont sit and count..often months and years pass by..but when we are waiting everyday feels like a month to go.

In July I took part in 2 was writing anf tge other was a toy designing and the result of both of them are to be announced on 15th August…I m dying waiting for themmm..and still 15 days are left.

Like a child counts hours and minutes fot his birthday to am I counting the time..that I still have to wait.Although the competitions are of national level…n this is my first experiance of taking part..still I am excited as if I m gonna win it.

A wait is quite a difficult task. Often people say that waiting has its own joy…but I would say the butterflies in the stomach …doesnt let me be at rest anytime.I feel like a doll standing on one leg…I might fall but the chances of surviving (although very very very less)are also there…(I guess)!!:)

I hope u all might also have had such experiances…where the wwait for something or someone ..made u like a restless pigeon!..Do share ur stories and opinion in the comment section..I will be really glad to see how others manage and pass this period!


U cannot see others’s friendship…

but u can feel urs for sure!!!

#happy friendship day❀❀

A code word story!

Disclaimer- This is written code words…u might not understand a few things..but u r allowed to assume what u think…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Read on your own risk!

This is a poem pending since last one year,

always arises in my mind, a future without her, fear.

This story has a feeling which is really difficult to share ,

about a girl , a friend who in this world is extremly rare.

She is the one, infront of whom I can spill all out ,

with no stress and absolute no piece of doubt.

No rules, no regulation , nothing to worry about,

This girl, guyss is worth a loud shout out.

Hours on call for any kind of problem of mine ,

I dont know how but she always have a solution divine.

While talking to each other we have nothing to hide ,

everything is quite transparent, even the darkest side.

The stupid plans that we made , actually worked,

and executing those was a thing we perked.

Cycling at a far off place , and pretending to do it in a race,

laughing out loud and hiding our face, such was our stupid fun case.

Finding out the little informations and forwading the snap,

this all was included in our mission, to look back and recap.

The tonic was too toxic…the greatest slang I created,

and the exact opposite were the things always that we stated.

The song choices that always contradicted,

each other’s likes that were always evicted.

Me being your text author,

and our dreams’s slaughter,

This was the great story of our stupidity,

and the inability of our’s hearts’s agility.

Dedicated to – πŸ’–πŸΆπŸŒž

Steps of improvement!!

Everything takes time…nothing comes with a snap of fingers. I also took the initiative to move on this path…

1. Stop creating the negetiveπŸ€―πŸ˜¨βœ–

2. Stop accepting the negetiveπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

3. Start accepting the positiveπŸŽ†πŸŽβœ”

4.Start creating the positiveπŸ˜™πŸ—¨πŸ‘Œ

5.Never end reflecting the positiveπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰

If u think u are sad..or ppl around u are sad..try analysing the situation…and if u find that this is majorly because of the vibes….start this journey to the peace.

Currently I m on the second step . I can really feel a whole lot of difference!

Drop down in the comment box that what’s ur status, and which point according to u is the most difficult one!!

And remember….above all these steps lies the believe in God…He is there to help start and accomplish all u want!!

Dont be on the blind side!

Often the attractions outside….are the distractions from ur inside!!

The more u fill urself with the worldly things..the emptier u become!!

Dont gather the things …instead release all of it !!

Life is often about the changing people…some for good while some for bad…and its u who have to decide …who to choose and why!!

Really sorry everyone for being so inactive this week.

It was my 18th birthdayπŸ˜… ..

and also a lot of assignments have come up suddenly..therfore I think ..I would quite unactive for a week further too.

Will miss reading all ur lovely and intersting blogs…but will return back with a super post and reconnect to all of u againπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


It has been just 2 years since I havent been to school but realising that I wont be able to now…it makes me feel downhearted….

But the best memories I have are definately from the school…


I feel happy..and sad at the same time..that is why…for me this is the best ever nostalgia πŸ’–

Those messages wrap up the 12 years of love and all of that which one cannot find out of the school🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎


Being a believer♾❀

Believers see miracle…

while others just encounter coincidence


This is the beauty of heaven and its eternal dwellerπŸ€žβ€β„

The time for last try!?

Trying has no last count…it continues till u are done and not till u are tired!! So just try once more…unless u have accomplished! Because sometimes its not the result but the effort that will further define you.


The perfect him has created the perfectly imperfect us! So accept and embrace yourself because it is perfectly perfect to be imperfect. Not only our ASSETS but also our FLAWS define us….atlast they are our’s!!

The genius Quotes

Once a wise man…the Albert Einstein said…

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.🀞

Imagination is more important than knowledge.πŸ—¨

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.πŸ’«

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.πŸ‘

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.πŸ™„

Each of them is a real masterpiece…a sentence enclosing a statement to change lives.!!

A painting of theory🀞

I made this painting today….

It is about the world having all different colours…πŸŸ£πŸ”΅πŸŸ’πŸŸ‘πŸŸ πŸ”΄

All the scenarios are there…for is dark..while for the other it is a full sun opportunity!!…πŸŒ‘πŸŒ πŸ”†

There are blessings being showered on tge white flakes…❄❄

And all of us…are like the trees…who had white pure roots..but the time changed n a black ugly behavior is taken on by all of us…but yet…we all have that good within us…somewhere behind the dark….and each one of matter where and what..we all are connected at some point…πŸ”²β—

And at last…our heart has it all..πŸ’–πŸ’―


Sometimes we are pushed to be more social if we are happy alone.!

While some are told to be conservative n not to indulge in people if they like so..

But my point is that why are we bent on tutoring others about how to be .

Some of us talk to others to be feel better… be light…while others be away from people to be at peace …be comfortable.

There is nothing wrong in being an introvert or an extrovert ..coz everyone have thier own boundaries and heights…

Some find themselves with people while others loose their own self in the crowd.!!.

If u like gatherings..talking to groups and enjoy in mob…then thats ur kind of social heart…n if u love being alone on ur sofa and solo is ur style then just enjoy ur calming solitude.

Both of these natures are a real blissπŸ’– to their respective owners**

One shud respect the choice of every indivisual out thereπŸ’―

Nothing is wrong…give ur heart the freedom to choose..what u like how u like n which way u like●●》》♑

You cannot!!

You can never move towards a bright tomorrow with the weight of a dark yesterday!!β¬…οΈβž‘οΈ

Both lies in opposite directions…so grab ur map ..choose ur destination..n then take up ur path in the correct direction!!

Situation decides our believes!

Believe in God is an ocean of hope and positivity….

but sometimes when we are stuck in a desert , where we are long lost….

weary of the hardships , exhausted by the weight , fed up of the wait…

we start assuming this ocean as a never existing , and then name it ourself the so called “MIRAGE”.

But remember…he is like an oasis..❀..always there to help u !!

Its u feel this at times.. keep in mind that he is should be in the largest corner of ur heart..u must have himπŸ’™

Believe…he is there to take things in his hands!!

He was ..he is..n he will be!

Remember those days of cycling..when the person behind delibrately left it and threw the whole responsilbilty on u…

But….and never came when u shouted…but were always there when u were really about fall!!πŸ’™

So is the game of God…he lets it all on us..n comes by not when we call..but..when we need himπŸ’–πŸ’«

Let the whole world be against ….coz u will still win if u have him by ur side❀

This one thought keeps me up…n will keep u also…if u understand and believe in it🀞🀞


The turns of life,

 are sometimes as cold as ice ;

but don’t loose hope and be wise ;

because it’s after a fall that you rise .

Never lose hope ;

because there is always a scope ;

One day you will definitely win;

 if you have the determination within.

 Problems may be as high as mountain;

 but opportunities also have a fountain .

Just like the warmth of fire that burn;

 your life will also take a good turn.

 So always hold up hopes flag ;

and keep that smiling happy tag.

Dont forget each problem has solution;

Β and to solve it should be ur resolution.

 If you want to reach the sky ;

keep your spirits that very high.

 Always be on the right way ;

and don’t care what the people say.

Β You are the driver of your own life ;

so be cautious and be wise.

 Never stop and carry on your run ;

coz then you will find a life full of fun.

 In between problems may arrive ;

 but then you know how to survive!!πŸ˜‰

The volcano of heart… heart!

I dont know what to say about it…just sat with a pen and paper!..


if u can go on noticing the detail..the little words..the patterns..the story behind and the picture!….and feel them⚫

each word…each line…each scribble…is unplanned..unprepared . It was invoulantary as well as inevitableβšͺ

If u connect or relate to any of these word..the details of the little scribbles…drop down ur feelings or experiance in the comment section!


There is no point of trying to find something… which u will end up..



coz then with all the ways open around ….it would still be a dead end for you!!


Either end ur pride…


it will end u!!!

Remember nothing in this world is irreplacable ..if not u then somone else will do it and carry it on!!

Dont be proud if u think ppl are afraid of u….but be happy when they respect u!!Coz respect last forever while fear only infront of u!!

No single person in this whole world whatever may be the age and qualification…is not an all knowing one…u need not to boast and make others feel bad about it..coz even u dont have all the qualities that the other one possess!!

Hear me out…If u are best and take pride ..u will surely bcom bad…actually worse…but if u r humble n good..definately u r going to be the best!

I dont know why…I wrote this..but it was very random…the thoughts came n I typed!


A sad day or a sad week is not a problem!!

but a SAD MIND is!!

I dont think there is a need to write more!!

isnt it enough!?

The most powerful…

For me the most powerful and most impactful thing in our life are Words…the words we are told..the words we think and the words we say…


I think words play a very important role in human life…they make us more capable..n then its on us..if we use them to console someone and praise them or to distress and torment others!!

Try to use more of good and positive words for ur own self and others.It can have life changing impact…on the listener and the speaker as well!

U know ..let me tell u something…if u slap a person ..u know it will pain for a few moments or if u break someone’s will take a few months….but u never know how much time a person might take to evolve out of any of your ill word. Sometimes it takes year…n maybe even whole life…!

πŸ”΄πŸ”΅πŸŸ πŸŸ’πŸŸ£πŸŸ‘πŸŸ€βš«πŸ”΄πŸ”΅πŸŸ πŸŸ’πŸŸ£πŸŸ‘πŸŸ€βš«

Sometimes just a single wrong word drift apart someone’s whole world…You can push someone in a dead hell just by ur bad word.It can rip them n their feelings.πŸ’”πŸ’”

Words create a deep impression in someones heart and mind. So why not use good ones..coz the power of good words can give a lot of strength and positive energy!!..πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

If you want to leave behind your pictures,

just simply look good.

But if u want to leave behind a legacy,

try to be good!!


N people always…ALWAYSS remember the way u treat them..n it all depends on ur word servings!!SO BE GOOD N LEAVE BEHIND A LEGACYπŸ’–

Peep out!!

Keep finding a window …an escape…a wanted path..

it will always help you to bear with the reality.

Have a world of your own….in your your dairy..or in your mind…a dreamland…a perfect evening…or a lovely morning!!

Step out of the harsh realities sometimes…to be pampered by the tender imagination.

Sleep in the bed of roses for a while to take a rest while moving on the thorny road.

Lion…the king???

Ever thought why…why are these creatures known as the king of the jungle?

The strongest and biggest being elephant.

The fastest being cheetah.

The smartest being chimpanzee.

Then why..why are lions considered to be the kings??

Only becausr of their mentallity..their thinking. These royal beasts have the confidence…the guts and the conviction…of being called and addressed as the king.!

Just becausr we are not perfect and have flaws doesnt mean that we dont deserve to be respected or honoured .

People will see you the way you think and mould yourself!! BE THE KING…AND PEOPLE WILL TREAT YOU SO!!


the other way!

dont feel upset and dejected just bcoz u think ur life if boring….

but instead be happy that atleast its not brutal!!

What appears lit…might be fire!!


Some adjectives are made to narrate ,

the assets of the little ones accurate.

The innocence of a child’s tender heart ,

is God’s old and original modern art.

Their struggles lies in tiny cute things ,

they make your whole year like springs.

The steps they take , with the feet that shake,

nothing in the world , will this type of joy make.

The first word , the names that they speak ,

will reamain a good news for the whole week.

Their smile can give you a different piece of joy,

a child’s love is eternal for his mother and toy.

A feeling of a living true angel on earth ,

is experianced after any lovely child’s birth.

Their expressive eyes and delicate tiny hands,

are above the values of rupees,dollars or rands.

Be it a plump cute boy or a lovely sweet girl,

in your heavy heart can bring a tender little whirl.

Therefore the purest thing that exists ,

is a baby and his heart , I insist.

A new flower of love blooms,

and brings light to all the glooms.

When a child is born just be sure ,

that to all your emptiness she is a cure.

Coco , berry and such other cute names,

with whole bliss your mind exclaims!!

Some adjectives are made to narrate ,

Some adjectives are made to narrate ,

Yeah I have it!

Some pillars in your lifes are so strong… that just even thinking about it… you feel the support!!


Being informed..

Ever wondered if being an informed indivisual is a boon or a bane??

The first thought is ofc its good…u have to be informed…it gives u knowledge..and makes u aware of the facts and things going around the world. It is a necessary in the times now bcoz u have to keep up with the happenings around. You shud be an all knowing prsn …

But…on the other hand..if u think abt it deeply..u may realise that it has a lot of harsh consequences…which we handle..un-noticed of the cause!!

The distress…the worries…the restlesness…is increasing with every new day..we have more n more issues to think and worry abt…the covid cases toll…the near future disease…the side effects…other problems that might evolve..the financial on n so forth….the more u know…the more u have on ur head to bear….maybe u dont realise it..but with every negetive news that u read… u add on a point of problem to ur subconcious mind..

Ever seen a small happy and free from stress he is…bcoz all he has to think of is his own dinner…his teacher’s test …the gift from papa…or such …he is not into thinking abt the whole world drowning deep in the issues…

I dont say that u have to sit illiterate in ur hut …but All I am trying to say is just that dont go onto reading negetive and all bad a news atleast in the morning…choose the good piece of information …during the early day to get filled with the postive vibes…rather being burried in the tension of the bads!!…..Or simply ignore the ones abt which u can do nothing!!

Comment below…what u think abt being “too” informed!!

An unwanted world…

Often we find ourselves in an unwanted whorly world where…the sun shines behind the clouds…the plant breathes in the smoke…the birds chirp among the noise…the sweet tastes like bitterness…the love lives in the lie…

It seems that the happiness stays far beyond the dullness.

Every good thing is present in this world….the sun , the plants , the bird’s chirp , the sweet , the love…but barred behind the bad….which maybe is just visible bcoz we have bcom habitual of seeing the dark…n imagining the light lays behind it…!!!

It is really difficult and important to be out of this messy deep dark word.

But the heavy heart is relluctant to see the weightless joy…