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Bye Dear…


Just when you begin to understand a bit, it leaves,

School life, was always passing through the sieves.

Adulterations and purifications are its common part,

Friendship is the ultimate target of this period’s dart.


One day, and BOOM, far from the moments,

Without your heart’s dear components.

That 14 year journey reaches a destination,

With lots of love n pain in the separation.


I really don’t believe that it’s over,

Because the memories still hover.

Didn’t realised how fast we grew up,

Today’s tigers are yesterday’s cub.


Together we lived the blissful age of innocence n blush,

Seriously, missing those years of peace and rush.

I don’t understand how am I supposed to say and explain,

That from now on, nothing around us will be the same.


Heart smiles to see the purity of tear,

That runs down for this rupturing fear.

All those fights and mischiefs are a stack,

To which we will always look back.


Adieu to all those daring partners in crime,

Who were there in maths, and sports time.

Thanks for the bag of laughs and smiles,

Which I will be carrying miles and miles.






2 responses to “Bye Dear…”

  1. Congratulations – you kept on going all these years. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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