The world listens, only when you have honey,
the world notices , only when you have money.

Speak the truth and you are grounded,
to do it a specific way , you are bounded.

Do things your own way and you are doomed,
tell whats really wrong and you are boomed.

No good place for being good is present anywhere,
only if you listen to them, is what they care.

Be a better of what, that you yourself want,
instead being the worst of what others daunt.

Let things be , do it in a hidden way,
or simply run, and neglect what the say.

Everyone knows to show the upper layer ,
no one dares to start with what is fair.

You dont have the right to do the same ,
this is told by those who simply blame.

I just hate to say but dying to write,
its hard to go on with this fight.

The world can always show you the hell,
no matter you are good , bad or well.

No one to blame, no one to bear,
all are not the same, my dear.

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