A happy birthday wish!!❤

I dont know how to sum up all,
within this small and short poetry wall.

Time for our friendship is not a measure,
we spent our period of study and leisure.

I have lost the counts of rounds we took,
just for one stupid momentary look.

Your motivation for things is so great,
once you know its there, you have no wait.

The topics we talk, has no boundaries,
we’ve created tons of memories.

People dont believe to see solo you or me,
they are so used to see us together as we.

Support you have been to my head,
talking to you arises my senses , dead.

Things have been all a round wheel,
I cant tell what about you I feel.

One day I will say and tell what you should,
by gathering as much courage as I could.

A very very very happy birthday dear …

💟💟 Anjali 💟💟

❤Love you loads❤

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