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Said something , heard something,

said good , heard bad,

a lot of misunderstandings stacked,

for years no talk we had.

Be it doubt or misunderstanding,

clearing is it’s demanding,

and this is really important,

to avoid any more of discordant.

About any rift, an assumption

is as harmful as poison consumption,

it will make your relationship dead,

possibly without any bad done or said.

Without letting the person to proove,

dont let things settle in your groove.

Try that the things get sort,

before the love in the relationship abort.

Communicate,as its the only way out,

to feel better when you are in doubt ,

rather carrying the weight throughout,

try atleast once to bout,

as thats the only way out.

Realtionships take a lot to cherish ,

but just one misunderstanding to perish.

so atleast make some efforts to hold,

before the warmth of love becomes cold.

Although in love ,there is no wrong or right ,

no matter what , you hold on tight,

but sometimes we go on the wrong way,

and just focus on what someone else say.

And then the kinships end,

no matter it was parent, love or friend.🙁


9 responses to “MISUNDERSTANDINGS!!”

  1. This is so beautiful..
    I really don’t understand why there is no like or comment here…
    It’s like the truth which tear aparts your relationship..
    We tend to keep our doubts, our feelings in our heart which ultimately leads to the decay of a flower..
    Love gives happiness which misunderstandings destroy..
    They act as a needle that pricks your safe bubble of warmth, love, happiness..
    So let the words flow before its too late because love is worth it..

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  2. there is a large space between right and wrong , I will meet you there – RUMI

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    1. so truee💯love ur imaginations and words

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  3. Great piece, Ayushi. Truly enjoyed.💕

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  4. Very well said dear. Beautiful as always. And the rhyming is spot on! 👏👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha…i wrote it when i was srsly frustated !!..but it came out well😅


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