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Does anyone have the power,

 to define who they are??

 Will it always remain the same;

 or you will have a person to blame.

Whenever a person changes his hue;

 he has a reason maybe false or even true.

 People who remains same are very few.

 Let’s leave people and come to situation ;

can you even give for it any apt definition??

 Everything changes and nothing is forever;

 so before changing anything or anyone, just be clever .

Either its closure of your heart or opening of eyes;

remember ,the old one will never return in your life .

Never judge anything by its definition ;

cause it totally depends on situation.

 The law of nature is to change;

and it does not have any given range.

A positive change should be followed;

But thought for negetive should be swallowed.

Cause ,event and consequence doesn’t matter;

 cause once broken is called shatter;

 and once joined is called gather .

Change is never same;

and it is not easy to mantain;

Sometimes it helps you sustain;

but sometimes it gives a lot of pain.

Some changes are fine ;

But some take away your shine.

So before changing just think;

That its not making you sink.🙂


11 responses to “CHANGE–”

  1. Wonderful piece, Ayushi. Loved the message and flow.💕

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    1. thanks a lot dear😄

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your talent in crafting poetry exudes here..Keep writing and inspiring us with what you have..God bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks a lot for reading. happy you liked it🙂


    1. thanks a lot for reading and appreciating💖..happy u liked it


      1. Would like to view my blogs, for safety of yourself and all your family n friends at

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        1. for sure..will check out ur page as soon as possible


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